"My Rabbits Are Very Jewish!" Wow!

 B"H - I had a little exchange, not even too serious, on facebook that I'd like to share with you:

- MN: "My rabbits are very Jewish because they are very nice and sweet and cute and adorable and good".
- AbY:  Wow, you don't even realize MN, how typical and revealing of a statement you just made of our lax, some would say idol worshiping times! We tend to replace Jewish values and more importantly halacha, Jewish Law, according to which of course your sweet little rabbit is traif no matter what, with replacement criteria that we prefer or maybe just know better. This exactly is the same mechanism that makes, for example, the IDF soldier a good Jew, even if he is an Arab or Russian goy. Your outburst is so telling of what's happening to our nation under the Zionists that I blog this exchange right now: Thanks for your clarity! (Not for the content of it)
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