Secularist Coertion

B"H - "And what will the rest of the people do, including homosexuals, lesbians, atheists or those without any religious affiliation – who are all, by the way, law-abiding and tax-paying citizens?" - Elkariv asks. "They can take care of themselves" - he suggests and let me add, outside of the country! They can vote with their feet! For an explanation of this, what you would call an "extremist" opinion, let me offer this: The Zionist State was established on what for the Jews is Eretz Israel, a [Torah quantity]. This creates a double, no, not truth, because there is only One Truth, Torah, but a double reality, let's say. For the Zionists, post-Zionists, etc. the law is the civil law of the land. For the Jews, Torah is the Law. So Yakir Elkariv, you can push for civil marriage, gay rights, etc. in Israel, but know that you're up against precisely that mysterious force that kept the Jews alive in the past 2000 years, against all odds. You are up against G-d's Law and by doing so politically you position yourself in the anti-Jewish camp: Not a nice place, not on the Land of Israel!

- This is talkback # 34 on Stop religious discrimination
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