Rav Richter Shiur Kfar Tapuach **Special Commentary on Missionaries in Samaria** Heshvan 13 5774


B”H – My take Rav. Richter, is that comparing the error of the evil people doing the evil deed of bringing xtians into our ancient homeland against Torah to the errors of Adam and Noah, is far too flattering for them: They are by no means at their level and in their category and the noble intentions you attribute to them are not indicated let alone proved. They seem more like idol worshipers to me, replacing Hashem’s sovereignty with that of the Jews or, as Rav. Kook father puts it, with the “renaissance of the Jewish People” in Shemonah Kevatzim, Kovetz 1, #32: “The primary poison contained in belief systems which deviate from the Torah, such as Christianity and Islam, is not in their concepts of God, even though they differ from what is correct according to the fundamental light of the Torah. Rather, [the poison] is in what results from them –abrogating the practical mitzvot and extinguishing the [Jewish] nation’s hope regarding its complete renaissance”.

This clearly is a replacement theology, the putting the cart in front of the horse, the "renaissance of the Jewish people" in front of Hashem's Sovereignty: religious Zionism is as bankrupt as secular Zionism is. High time for a Torah state.

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