Please G-d, Save Us From The Ha'Ivris' Likes!

B"H - David Ha'Ivri, I see that you or someone for you deleted my previous comment on this article. So, I am forced to re-write it anew and make sure I save a copy of it this time on my blog, www.thetorahrevolution.blo
gspot.com. Censoring opinions one doesn't agree with David, is an ugly habit. As I grew up in a communist country I know from first hand experience how the ruling party there had this very same habit. We defeated their censorship by circulating hand-written and typed pages, called samizdat, because even the xerox machines were kept in locked cabinets. As you know from history, their censorship didn't help them much and the Berlin wall was torn down between 1989 and 1990: Your habitual censorship of comments you don't agree with, in the Internet age is simply ridiculous and of course it will not help you either, it just shows to everyone what kind of a - mentality you have.

Now, back to my original comment that you deleted. I was kinda' playing with the words of the title of this article, with "what would I like", basically saying that nobody cares what would you like as it seems that your likes are in an inverse relationship with what Hashem, our G-d, wants from us here, namely to populate His Land with Jews, serving Him and not other replacement entities like the Jews, the Land, the State. Now, why would anyone say such a horrible thing on your account people may ask? So let's answer them by saying that you spent much if not all your time of the last decade or so on working with xtians, helping them putting a foot-hold in the Shomron. This stressed almost all of us out, we don't want them here, we don't like your likes, please tell them to go home.

The foreign slave xtian laborers are undercutting our job market and cause a damage to our economy to the tune of millions only in lost wages to Jews. 300 xtian "volunteers" bought in? 300 jobs lost to Jews! Add to this the inducted, the loss to our local businesses by local spending and we quickly rich the ten million mark per grape-harvesting season. So, we are tired of your likes David. We don't care what you would say instead of what Netanyahu will say. We don't even care what Netanyahu will say, because we don't care about what the nations think or say: What matters is what the Creator thinks and I bet He's pretty upset about what you, Melamed, Mesika and some others are doing to us and to the Shomron. We are put here to be Jews on the Land, not to bring xtians on it!

Ideologically? The bringing in of the xtians, your opus magnum, your great achievement, is the visible tip of the iceberg called Bankruptcy of Religious Zionism! Please G-d, save us from the Ha'Ivris' likes!

- This is a comment on Ha'Ivri's The Speech I Would Like to Hear as Binyamin Netanyahu Addresses the United Nations General Assembly
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