On Lech Lecha: The Fundemental, What Shall We Call It? Misunderstanding of Zionism?

B"H - Much as I love this piece, it carries the fundamental Zionist, shall we call it misunderstanding? Of replacing Hashem with ourselves and with what Rav. Kook calls the Jewish renaissance. The divine design does not give the Jews sovereign status, it is in fact reserved to Hashem, and wanting it or proclaiming it is borderline blasphemous: At best we can hope to be faithful managers of Hashem's holy Land and even this is conditional, if we follow His Instructions. The unique and breathtaking innovation of Abraham's religion is precisely this, that it attributes sovereignty to G-d, to a non-human, non-material and non-materialistic entity. This also is my take on this week's parsha, Lech-Lecha.

 - This is a comment on Verdi and the Temple Mount
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