On "Jewish" Secularism

B"H - That's not exactly the case Bones. The fact of the matter is that Jews lived in peace with the Arabs for centuries until the Zionist idol worshipers came along and substituted G-d with the State of Israel and with what they so cleverly call "the renaissance of the Jewish people". If we continued to rely on Hashem, on our G-d, for our safety, as Judaism prescribes, we would a) have peace and b) we wouldn't need the nukes you're so affectionate about: Israel is NOT like the other nations, that in order to be strong need to be physically strong: We are strong only in G-d and history itself is the proof of this fact. So, you see how and why the root cause of our troubles are precisely the people like you, the kofrim, the wicked, who refute Torah and thus bring the wrath of G-d on our heads, on the Jews who live here, on the Land? Have you not noticed that this State didn't have a day of peace, no matter how "strong" it imagines itself to be? Maybe, just maybe, it's time to replace your dangerous godless innovation, Jewish secularism, that needs to be propped up with your beloved nukes, with the good old? I know, your ignorant answer is no, and this arrogance will lead us to WWIII: It's just a matter of time now.

- This is comment # 2 on "No Nukes"
as I post this, but will be taken down as soon as found: Mr. Yaakov Kirschen doesn't like opinions other than his.
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