On Israeli Municipal Elections

B"H - As expected, I disagree: We did vote for Hashem for all generations under the Mount in Sinai; This is what makes us Jews. In my view only those who were not there or don't remember their vote can re-vote now for humans or maybe even worse, for part-ies. By doing so it seems to me they participate in the big fraud, in the grand and evil scheme of dividing the nation according to opinion, called democracy, which is prohibited to us. Sometimes people say that this maybe true for knesset, (for political elections) but municipal (administrative) elections are OK. Again, I disagree. Municipal bodies are also assemblies, little knessets of and for the little territories they set out to control and once seated they do politics all the same, this time beyond their mandates. Case in example is the Shomron council, that instead of say providing sewage maintenance, sends "ambassadors" to Washington and brings in xtians and the "Black Pope" just to mention a few of their misdeeds. Besides, nowhere in Torah it says "elect yourselves a local council" and this is no accident. Torah prescribes a different institutional structure, for towns and villages it requires us to establish just courts with a varying number of judges, according to population figures. So, who are we to say, no, you're wrong Torah? We know it better? As you see it all boils down to knowingly or ignorantly rebelling against Hashem, something that the Zionists, secular AND religious, do willingly and ever so professionally.

- This is a thought on Daas Torah - Black and White?
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