On The Bankruptcy of Religious Zionism: Parsha Noah

B"H - We can associate Parsha Noah with the giving of the Seven Noahide Laws to mankind, enabling non Jews to be righteous and have a share in the World to Come. Rearranging the order of the words of this phrase we can say with confidence that it is precisely the acceptance and observance of these laws that renders a gentile (a non Jew) righteous and not any other act, like the performance of other mitzvot, the saving of Jews during the Second World War, etc. Why do I mention this? Is saving Jews not a righteous behavior? The answer is of course yes, it is, but the name "righteous gentile" in Judaism is already reserved as it were to those who accept determined mitzvot of Hashem upon themselves. By usurping the same term, Zionism intends to achieve two goals: a) To say that really it is Judaism and b) that it can replace the good of Hashem with the good of entities other than Hashem, like the people, the Land, the State, etc. Clearly, both of them are false! Indeed if our G-d wanted to be good to the people, He would not have sent the flood in the first place. It is important in our time, marked largely by deception and Westernization of Judaism, not to let ourselves be confused: Worshiping Hashem is good, desirable and Jewish, worshiping any other replacement entity is very bad. This is why the Zionist State of Israel should stop denominating its humanitarian recognition to those who saved Jews "Righteous Gentile" certificate, changing the name to anything not reserved, like "Courageous Gentile", for example and this is why Mr. Melamed should stop his attempt to pass xtian idol worshippers "righteous gentiles" just because they say they love us: In order to qualify to be righteous gentiles, they'd have to love Hashem, not us! As they pray to yeshu, evidently they hate Hashem and as a consequence of this we want them out from the Land, not being bought in by the hundreds to undercut our Jewish workers on our local Job market and to damage our economy in the tune of milions only in lost wages! Allowing these xtian "volunteers" in is the most visible sign, only the tip of the iceberg called "The Bankruptcy of Religious Zionism".

- This is a comment on Parashat Noach: Safe in the Land of Israel
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Ariel ben Yochanan said...

B"H - I report back here a debate from facebook.

- Aby: Please don't spread myths!

- Haver1 (not real name): my dear brother what i said is no myth its Torah so before you say bad things in public about a Jew check your sources or ask a question-i forgive you shabat shalom

- Aby: No, Haver1, please don't take it personally, of course I didn't mean it personally and if I hurt you I apologize. What I do mean however, and this is public debate, thus not lashon hora, is that we must see things for what they are, not for what we wish they were, and the modern State of Israel is no defender of the Jew. Like many other states, it protects itself, not the Jew. Sometimes these two coincide, sometimes they don't. I can bring up an example, a few days ago I was debating Neturei Karta (I'm not NK) with a religious Zionist friend and he said at a certain point "and they collaborate with Israel's enemies"! So I was thinking for a second, and said: "but Livni is giving parts of Israel away as we speak and this fact doesn't change your opinion on the State!" So, this is to illustrate that more often then not, we think what we want to think or what propaganda teaches us to think. You say Israel [the modern State of] is Torah: I beg to disagree. Where is it written in Torah: "..and when you are on the Land and possess it, elect yourselves a Knesset, representative of all religions, Jews, xtians and the muslim, to rule over you, that make you the laws to respect instead of My Law"? There isn't such a passage! In fact, one of the reasons this country doesn't work the way we would like it to work is because we don't have our Jewish, Torah institutions. This is the challenge of our generation and as long as we buy tickets to get on the Kookist train, we will not get to destination, we will be heading to Kookooland!