Latest Kirschen Pork And My Reaction To It

Yaakov Kirschen said...
From now on all of Ariel's comments and responses to him will be erased without leaving any notice that they had existed and had been "removed."

7:32 AM
Blogger Ariel ben Yochanan said...
B"H - Ladies and Gentlemen, here is the Zionists' famous "only democracy in the Middle East" in action for all of you to see, as interpreted by Mr. Yaakov Kirschen, the militant Zionist: Not only he erases my Torah-based comments, from now on, according to his own admission, he is going to erase even the traces of his erasing. In media terms this is equivalent to practicing Stalinism: "Not only I silence you, my adversory, I destroy you completely!" I can't say I'm surprised, I always maintained that Zionism has nothing to do with Judaism and in fact no Jew would treat another Jew in the manner Bones treats me. In the Internet age of course all this censoring is completely useless as information freely circulates on the web.
10:58 AM
- This is a comment on "No Nukes"
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