Dep. Min. Ben-Dahan: Get Used to Israeli Sovereignty

B"H - We are used to it, to Israeli sovereignty, thank-you-very-much, with bulldozed down shuls, Jewish housing and destroyed businesses, arrested, tortured and displaced Jews for doing the State's job of protecting other Jews or themselves. When you will realize that Israel is not a Jewish State and pretend and fight for one, then we'll stand a chance. Until then, it's just empty, meaningless, even counter-productive political activism, that of course can lead nowhere. Why? Because trying to reform the State from the inside is proved to be impracticable and for an obvious reason: It doesn't engage Hashem by our side. Only Torah compatible action on the Land is relevant for Him and left-right division is just that, a prohibited division of the nation.

- This is a censored talkback on Dep. Min. Ben-Dahan: Get Used to Israeli Sovereignty
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