Some Har Bracha People vs The Jewish People

B"H - Where do you get this from? We are not supposed to greet them with kindness at all. The Rambam in fact tells us to leave them in the pit. Anyway, no need to reply, we went through this before Yonaton. Melamed has a minority view on this and he is putting himself outside of Judaism and drives his community astray: Jews go by halacha, not by Melamed or misinterpreted prophecy. There is a letter of Rav. Tzuriel on this here and a shiur on Rav Kook and the xtians here and here: Religious Zionism is as bankrupt as Labor Zionism is and, OK I rephrase it, your allowing them in is a clear sign of this. Your "With Love of Israel and Torah" signature is a lie, you work for the destruction of the Jews by partnering with minut. I fear your provocative and highly divisive activities will lead to bloodshed, we have seen it before in this country, and that will be terrible to xtians AND to Jews alike: We'll be back to the blood-libels and your filo-Semite looking friends will quickly show their real anti-Semitic face: How can you believe they love us if they hate Hashem by praying to their dead-man god idol? And, WHY do you believe them? And even if they loved us, what does it matter if they hate Hashem, our G-d? Did you know that by siding with goyim against even one Jew, you put your status in doubt? Besides, you are damaging our economy to the tune of millions in lost wages by letting them undercut our local, Jewish jobs market: Doesn't seem to me such a bright idea. In conclusion I think your rabbi is pushing the issue too far and I fear terrible consequences and I'm far from being alone in this. I wouldn't be surprised if Hashem decided to throw us out from here because of the desecration of His Name you do there, in Bracha. Is that what you want? It certainly looks like it! I will blog this text and your previous message under the title Some Har Bracha People vs The Jewish People.

Date: Sun, 29 Sep 2013 03:43:58 -0700
From: yonaton behar
Subject: Re: Shalom from Har Bracha!
To: ariel ben yochanan

we don't bring them, they come by themselves. we greet them with kindness and hospitality, like Jews are supposed to.
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