On Mr. Eliezer Melamed and on Rav. Kook

B”H - For years I'm telling to my friends "let's learn Rav. Kook!", the father of Religious Zionism, to understand why most religious Zionists distort Torah and worship replacement entities like the Land, the Jew, the State. The answer to this question came unexpectedly a few days ago from a most unlikely source, from Mr. Eliezer Melamed himself.

In his “The EnvelopingLight of the Sukkah” he quotes another crook, Rav. Kook (pun intended): “The primary poison contained in belief systems which deviate from the Torah, such as Christianity and Islam, is not in their concepts of God, even though they differ from what is correct according to the fundamental light of the Torah. Rather, [the poison] is in what results from them –abrogating the practical mitzvot and extinguishing the [Jewish] nation’s hope regarding its complete renaissance” (Shemonah Kevatzim, Kovetz 1, #32)".

Complicated as the language may be, this is a clear example of how the great master of RZ (Religious Zionism) replaces the worship of Hashem with that of the Jewish nation in general and with his pet project, with “the renaissance of the Jewish nation” in particular.

Desirable as it is, this project cannot be elevated over the worship of Hashem, replacing it: If one does this, he puts himself right outside of Judaism, which is exactly what happenes to Kook and to many of his students and followers, like the Religious Zionist Mr. Melamed. He will have to see his Creator for leading his community astray.

There is no greater symbol and better proof of the bankruptcy of Religious Zionism than their bringing in xtian "volunteers" to the Shomron.

- This is a comment on Judaism: The Enveloping Light of the Sukkah
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