It Is Good That The Erev Rav Behaves Like He Should, As It Is Only By His Behaviour We Can Identify Him

B"H - It doesn't matter Medad what the xtians do. What matters is what they are. One. Two, your going after and personally offending the Jews you don't agree with tells a lot about YOU, very little if nothing about their supposedly erroneous understandings. Three, the thesis according to which we are in a "phase" of redemption is problematic, not only because you say so, but in as much as a) not "we", the Jews are always in a "stage" of redemption and b) it is hugely subjective (and exquisitely Kookist) to think so. As far as the erev rav issue is concerned, your bringing up the "uniting of humanity" gives your game away Medad. Please don't make the mistake to think I'm talking to you Medad, I have only disdain for you and I wouldn't talk to you even if you paid me with gold of your weight: I'm talking to the good people who might come to your blog by error, in their search for truth.

- This is a comment on JewishIsrael's Waller War
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