A Chain Of Corruption: One Thing Leads To The Next

B"H - Well said! There are a few things one can add, one of which certainly is the corruption this mass xtian volunteering is creating in the Shomron. There are hundreds of thousands if not millions of shekels involved in the free slave work alone, forget about the donations. This means that there is a chain of material beneficiaries: The farmer who doesn't have to pay Jews to work on his farm. The politician, who sees this as his occult election-campaign financing-source. The Religious Zionist "rabbi" who hammers out a new and extreme Kookist doctrine, in view to increase his power, by insisting on replacing the love of Hashem with the love of other entities, like the Land and the People of Israel. These entities have sanctity in the Torah, but when they are lifted out from their proper context, they become idols and their worship: Minut, a new religion, "Religious Zionism" in which many people end up worshiping the Zionist State.

- This is a comment on There's a Christian in my Soup יש נוצרי בתוך המרק שלי
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