These "Righteous Gentiles" Aren't Judaism's Righteous Gentiles

B"H - In Judaism for gentiles there is only one way to be righteous and that is by accepting Hashem's seven universal Noahide laws upon themselves. The secular righteous gentile certificate the State of Israel issues through its Yad Vashem institute from time to time is only a worthless piece of Zionist propaganda paper: Usurping the Biblical righteous gentile title for their own political purposes outside of and against the original Torah concept is a despicable attempt  of these arrogants to deceive and to say that Zionism is Judaism: It is not!

- This is talkback # 5 on Egyptian physician named first Arab righteous gentile
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Zionism: A New Religion?

B"H - Here bellow there is a Women in Green text showing the signs of a minut, a new (prohibited) religion, in this case the Zionist replacement of Hashem with other entities like the Land of Israel: Meditate people, meditate! The change in the "May you be comforted in the building of Israel" phrase is particularly telling.

> Date: Mon, 30 Sep 2013 10:43:20 +0200
> Subject: Leah De Lange, z"l
> From: wfit2@womeningreen.org
> To: wfit2@womeningreen.org
> --------------------------------------------------------------------------
> It is with deep sorrow that we announce the passing of our friend Leah
> De Lange. Leah passed away today after a long illness.
> We will remember Leah as a Zionist, a Lover of the Land and an
> indefatigable fighter for Eretz Israel.
> Our condolences to the family - "May you be comforted in the building of Israel"
> The Levaya will take place today,� Monday 26 Tishrei - 30/09/13
> Leaving the Kehilat Yerushalayim funeral home in Har Hamenuchot at 16:30
> Yehudit Katsover and Nadia Matar
> http://www.womeningreen.org

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The Righteous Gentiles Conspiracy

B"H - In Judaism for gentiles there is only one way to become  righteous and that is by accepting Hashem's seven universal Noahide laws upon themselves. The secular righteous gentile certificate the State of Israel's Yad Vashem institute issues from time to time is only a meaningless piece of Zionist propaganda paper, especially when given to a "devout Catholic" and post mortem. Usurping the righteous gentile title for their own political purposes outside of and against the original Torah concept is a despicable attempt  to deceive and to say that Zionism is Judaism: It is not!

- This is a censored talkback on Gino Bartali named righteous gentile
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Some Har Bracha People vs The Jewish People

B"H - Where do you get this from? We are not supposed to greet them with kindness at all. The Rambam in fact tells us to leave them in the pit. Anyway, no need to reply, we went through this before Yonaton. Melamed has a minority view on this and he is putting himself outside of Judaism and drives his community astray: Jews go by halacha, not by Melamed or misinterpreted prophecy. There is a letter of Rav. Tzuriel on this here and a shiur on Rav Kook and the xtians here and here: Religious Zionism is as bankrupt as Labor Zionism is and, OK I rephrase it, your allowing them in is a clear sign of this. Your "With Love of Israel and Torah" signature is a lie, you work for the destruction of the Jews by partnering with minut. I fear your provocative and highly divisive activities will lead to bloodshed, we have seen it before in this country, and that will be terrible to xtians AND to Jews alike: We'll be back to the blood-libels and your filo-Semite looking friends will quickly show their real anti-Semitic face: How can you believe they love us if they hate Hashem by praying to their dead-man god idol? And, WHY do you believe them? And even if they loved us, what does it matter if they hate Hashem, our G-d? Did you know that by siding with goyim against even one Jew, you put your status in doubt? Besides, you are damaging our economy to the tune of millions in lost wages by letting them undercut our local, Jewish jobs market: Doesn't seem to me such a bright idea. In conclusion I think your rabbi is pushing the issue too far and I fear terrible consequences and I'm far from being alone in this. I wouldn't be surprised if Hashem decided to throw us out from here because of the desecration of His Name you do there, in Bracha. Is that what you want? It certainly looks like it! I will blog this text and your previous message under the title Some Har Bracha People vs The Jewish People.

Date: Sun, 29 Sep 2013 03:43:58 -0700
From: yonaton behar
Subject: Re: Shalom from Har Bracha!
To: ariel ben yochanan

we don't bring them, they come by themselves. we greet them with kindness and hospitality, like Jews are supposed to.
With Love of Israel and Torah,
Yonaton Behar
Har Bracha
D.N. Lev HaShomron
Israel  44835
Web-site: www.yhb.org.il/1
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Religious Zionism Is On The Line

B"H - There is no clearer evidence of the bankruptcy of Religious Zionism than your bringing in xtian "volunteers" from hutz laretz. Besides, one doesn't understand why the damaging of our local economy to the tune of millions in lost wages alone to our own people is considered such an excellent idea? How's about ingathering Jews or Noahides at least? Hm?

- This is talkback # 9 on HaIvri's Appreciation for the supporters of Israel
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A Convincing Answer Is Needed

B"H - Apart of the halachic issue of letting non-Jews to worship their dead-man-god idol on our fields and in our villages, I wonder why their stealing our badly needed jobs is considered "help". They undercut our Jewish labor market and make us loose tens of millions only in wages. Maybe Shomron governor Mesika and RZ (Religious Zionist) ideologue Melamed should give a convincing answer to our unemployed.

- This is talkback # 7 on Christians from HaYovel Assist Harvest Effort in Samaria
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Where Is Mr. Shuldig's Kipa?

B"H - Oops, my comments gone! Bones, where is Mr. Shuldig's kipa? Where does he keep it? Under the hanukia? Once we are at it, does he put tfilin? Only on Shabat? I see. Interesting. But he thinks the State of Israel is part of the redemption, right? No, just asking. Shabat shalom to you too Irv. Bones, good weekend!

- As I post this is comment # 4 on Guessing Game but will presumably be taken down and spat on, as Mr. Yaakov Kirschen likes positive (and preferably secularist) comments.
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On Mr. Eliezer Melamed and on Rav. Kook

B”H - For years I'm telling to my friends "let's learn Rav. Kook!", the father of Religious Zionism, to understand why most religious Zionists distort Torah and worship replacement entities like the Land, the Jew, the State. The answer to this question came unexpectedly a few days ago from a most unlikely source, from Mr. Eliezer Melamed himself.

In his “The EnvelopingLight of the Sukkah” he quotes another crook, Rav. Kook (pun intended): “The primary poison contained in belief systems which deviate from the Torah, such as Christianity and Islam, is not in their concepts of God, even though they differ from what is correct according to the fundamental light of the Torah. Rather, [the poison] is in what results from them –abrogating the practical mitzvot and extinguishing the [Jewish] nation’s hope regarding its complete renaissance” (Shemonah Kevatzim, Kovetz 1, #32)".

Complicated as the language may be, this is a clear example of how the great master of RZ (Religious Zionism) replaces the worship of Hashem with that of the Jewish nation in general and with his pet project, with “the renaissance of the Jewish nation” in particular.

Desirable as it is, this project cannot be elevated over the worship of Hashem, replacing it: If one does this, he puts himself right outside of Judaism, which is exactly what happenes to Kook and to many of his students and followers, like the Religious Zionist Mr. Melamed. He will have to see his Creator for leading his community astray.

There is no greater symbol and better proof of the bankruptcy of Religious Zionism than their bringing in xtian "volunteers" to the Shomron.

- This is a comment on Judaism: The Enveloping Light of the Sukkah
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B"H - If MK Feiglin wants himself to be sitting in the prime minister's suka next year, I want a Cohen Gadol running the show in the Temple, on the Temple Mount in Jerusalem, together with the whole and complete set of our Jewish, Torah institutions. Tapping in to the Zionists' phony institutions they established on the Land against Torah, like kneset, supreme so called court, prime minister's office, etc., is leading us to disaster, precisely because it shows Hashem that we are not with Him

- This is talkback # 14 on MK Feiglin: Catastrophe is On the Way
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B"H - Israeli Police (In Black Uniform) Confiscates Lulav From Jew On Temple Mount, Jerusalem

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Ex Xtian Guest Author On "Volunteers" Being Bought In To The Shomron

B"H - With reference to the mass xtian assault on Judea & Samaria, here is an open letter from a TRUE friend of the Jews, who unlike the Wallers, is not a xtian any more: In fact (and per definition), one cannot be a friend of the Jews while he is a hater of Hashem, our One and Only G-d, praying to a dead man-god.

Dear Ariel,

I always try to be somewhat moderate in my dealings with xtians. Perhaps the fact of being born into that religion and having lived it as the unique and irreplaceable solution of a life of faith for many years - and for my love of Torah, I am sensitive to the call of those non-Jews who demonstrate a hesitation in their belief in yeshu or have a desire to know more about Judaism, but not yet know how to express themselves: They often err and act in a way that is offensive to the Jews. This puts me in a position of a certain dialogue with them, which I live with a sense of unease. More and more I focus on the Noahide option with them, rather than press for full conversion.

I am fascinated by the rabbinic literature on the Tanach and surprised to read so many “new” things on stories and episodes I knew from my completely and deliberately misrepresented xtian sources and texts. I experience a certain sense of liberation that comes from acquiring of the Truth. I have come to a total turning point in my faith and with my relationship with G-d. The love of Torah, the love of the Truth, has led me to where I am today. I entered into this Gad Eden as it were for the soul (if I may say so) and I am amazed and baffled when I see a Jew leave his birthright, the truth of the Torah, for a bowl of red lentl soup.

Some people engage in what they call “inter-religious dialogue” between the two religions, but I just do not see it that way. The xtians say they have roots in Judaism, but it is not true. In truth they have no roots, so they take the Hebrew Scriptures and use them for their own purposes, to build up their own new religion, which otherwise would not have had a basis: Xtianism and Judaism are two different and separate tracks that never meet! Moreover, even if their aim is to identify among the monotheistic religions, with their trinitarism and worshiping of a dead man, theirs is in fact an intrinsically idolatrous system, no matter what they say. How can a Jew, any Jew, move so far away from Torah not to see this? To fall into this trap?

I think the core problem is in the superficial education of the average Jew, in which he learns to follow his rabbi without ever questioning him. They are taught to read and pray without understanding the complexities: So, they grow into being satisfied with their compromised identity.

When I discovered kashrus, for example, I had a big breakthrough. The kashrus makes you be careful, you have to think twice about what to eat, know what not to eat. After a while you loose the randomness of your actions and intentions and always stay focused on what you do. You learn that every action has a consequence and this becomes a good exercise for everyday life, you learn to do what is pleasing to HaShem and what is not. I believe that losing the observance of kashrus opens the door to risks of contamination, one more readily can "mix" concepts, "associate" thoughts that have no natural link between themselves and to push forbidden arguments that lead directly to sinning.

Another and very serious problem of course is not knowing the opponent's tactics, not distinguishing between friends and enemies, in a mistaken idea of openness to all. Giving everyone a place in our lives, becoming curious and attentive to their way of thinking clearly is a huge mistake one can make and this too can lead dangerously close to deviation: Cancelling, making it unnecessary to heed the Masters leads to disobedience.

Xtianity presents the Jew with the guarantee of "eternal salvation" based on the recognition of yeshu and of what he has done. They hook people by saying to them that "all have sinned and come short of the glory of G-d". They say that it is through faith in what yeshu did 2000 years ago one can have his sins forgiven and be  assured of eternal life. I'm shocked that any Jew can allow for such worship on G-d’s Holy Land. It means to undo everything Judaism is about.

Xtianity is a fierce and bloody religion. They believe that there is a hell of flames and eternal fire, where all those who do not believe in yeshu will end up. (It gets even trickier because in my opinion he is not at all a certain figure. Historically one cannot say that someone existed by that name, nothing is known for sure about what he did, he never wrote anything, none of his disciples took notes during his lifetime and all that is written about him is a result of guess-work, word of mouth and copying various texts which surfaced about 40 years after his (hypothetical) death, apart from the lyrics of that Saul / Paul who has invented xtianity, basing himself on a vision of which he was the only witness).

Xtianity hinges on those Jews who doubt that their eternity is strictly in the hands of HaShem, who fear of failing to be faithful to Him in the observance of Torah and the mitzvot and prefer to live a compromised life. Xtianity of course is also easier: You simply have to believe what someone else has done for you, and through this act of credulity all your sins are forgiven, because that certain person was judged and killed in your place and paid the price for you, so you can live in peace. He understands you when you're wrong, what is important is that you ask forgiveness, and you are no longer required to fulfill all 613 mitzvot and rituals that your parents and your rabbi taught you, because of the "salvation". It also says to the Jew: “You can continue to observe your traditions, festivals and what matters to you, as a Jew” In fact you will be blessed twice: As a Jew and as a xtian!

For me, a person who came from this nonsense, it is utterly incomprehensible that some Jews may choose to put up with these xtians. I've done the opposite choice, choose the Torah way: As I mentioned earlier, it is the freedom to be dissolved in the river of Truth, instead of the way of believing in lies and deception.

Practically speaking, in all my adult life I have been in contact with Scripture. Since I was 20 I started to read it and study it. I read and studied and I thought there was nothing else out there. Everything was spinning in a cloud, the texts, the writings, and the people around me. I have always lived in Rome and I never entered the Jewish quarter there. I was taught that the Jews killed god and that now they had no more value. I lived with a wall in front of my eyes, with a fog that prevented me from seeing through.

But at a certain point that mist has dissolved. One day, I was looking for a biblical reference to a note for a book I was writing. I realized that the “Biblical fact” that I was taught and had been teaching to others, was in fact written in an epic novel in the 1400s ... a fairy tale, in short, that had no scriptural basis whatsoever. I wondered, if this is not true, what else is also not true in there? My interest in Jewish commentators started here and the more I studied them, the more I understood that my believe system was in fact a hoax, completely foreign to the Scripture.

Now, why the eldest son, the heir of the promises, the bearer of the light of the Torah, taken by an immediate urge to satisfy his "hunger", sells everything for what for sure amounts to be a bowl of red lentil soup?

When I moved to Judaism, when I told my many friends that I embraced the Jewish faith, I have not received words of encouragement, understanding and friendship. Rather I was judged, cursed and threatened to be taken for eternity in their medieval hell, because they knew full well that it was not possible to be both things at the same time, that the monotheistic Judaism is antithetical to xtian pluralism. The two things cannot be reconciled.

In conclusion, here is my message to you: My Jewish friends, please do not let you be fooled by xtians! They are idolaters, in ALL of their various denominations, in as much as they worship a dead man as god. There is no way around this. By choosing to tolerate these foreign ideas on Hashem’s Holy Land you throw away the precious truth of the Torah. How can you say the Shema?! Israel is the firstborn son, not the imaginary yeshu myth! HaShem is echad, One! Only He is omniscient, omnipotent, omnipresent and eternal, He is completely self-sufficient and does not need any help in His Kingship. Do not let yourselves be fooled! Look at what the xtians have done to you over the past 2000 years, the history of suffering that your ancestors had to endure at the hands of vicious popes and common xtians alike for the mere fact of being Jewish! Remember the hundreds of thousands if not millions of victims of torture, murders and deprivation at the hands of the xtians. Did they change? No, they did not change: They only changed their tactics! They only say “We love you” now to make you lower your defenses and allow them closer to you to take your Jewish souls. It would be ironic if you’d let them fool you now, in a time when you are stronger than them, when so many of you are already on the Promised Land! Don’t let yourselves be fooled now! You are the elected nation, chosen amongst all the peoples. You have chosen to receive the Torah, when other nations had rejected it. Remain firmly attached to HaShem and to His Torah without rewriting it! Do not let yourself be misled by a recall of sirens trying to get a grip on your weaknesses! HaShem, our G-d is our strength, not Obama, the EU and the nations! We must remain faithful to Him in the face of our enemies.

Shalom, my friend.

Andrea Viel

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Rav. Moshe Zuriel On Xtians Being Bought In To The Shomron

בס"ד כ"ד חשון, תשע"ב

לכבוד אחים יקרים, תושבי יש"ע, ה' יברכם!

נשאלתי בענין מה היחס הראוי בו צריכים להתייחס לנוצרים הבאים לגור בינינו. זו היא שאלה קשה, כי מצד אחד הם מצהירים שברצונם לעזור לנו במלחמתנו נגד אויבינו הערבים שנוקטים בשיטות טרור נגדנו, ויש כאן שאלה של פקוח נפש. ואנו צריכים לכל עזרה שאפשר להשיג.

אבל מצד שני, יש "פקוח נפש" אחר. שלא יזיקו לנו באמונתנו. שלא יצודדו נפשות שיתקרבו יותר ויותר לרעיון הנצרות. חשש זה מתחזק יותר לענין הצעירים שלנו, נערים ונערות, שאם מדברים אליהם בעדינות ובנימוסים יפים, עלולים להתפתות. ויש כבר שמועות שחלק של המהגרים הנוצרים שבאים לגור ביש"ע, הם מסיונרים, והם מחלקים חוברות חומר הסברה וגם בשיחות אישיות מסבירים שבח ותהלה לאותו האיש, יש"ו. ויש כאן סכנה גדולה אפילו אם היה מדובר בנפש אדם בודד ההולך לאיבוד. כל שכן שהחשש הוא לרבים, ולא "רק" לאדם אחד.

צריכים אנו לחזור לדברי הרמב"ם (הל' עבודה זרה, סוף פרק עשירי) הקובע שאין לתת לשום גוי לגור ביננו עד שיקבל עליו ז' מצוות בני נח. וברור ברמב"ם (הלכות מאכלות אסורות, פרק יא הלכה ז) שאמנם הישמעאלים אינם מוגדרים כעובדי עבודה זרה. אבל הנוצרים הם בהחלט נחשבים עובדי עבודה זרה.

חשוב לציין דברי החזון איש, שאפילו לפי דעת המקילים, זה רק אמור אם מקיים ז' מצוות בני נח מפני שהקב"ה ציוה אותנו בהם בהר סיני. ואם הנכרי מקיים המצוות מפני הכרע שכלו אין זה נחשב "מקיים" (כך כתב הרמב"ם, בהלכות מלכים, סוף פרק ח). לכן כותב "חזון איש" (זרעים, דף 298 פסקא ג) יש לחשוש שהנכרים הללו לא ידביקו אותנו בכפירתם, כלומר במה שהם כופרים בסמכות של מעמד הר סיני. עד כאן דבריו. די לנו הכופרים הישראליים. אננו צריכים לייבוא נוסף של כופרים נכרים.

לכן מוטל על כל איש ואשה להזהר מהנוצרים האלו. אמנם יש להתנהג עמהם בנימוס וכבוד, בדרך ארץ (עיין מדרש קהלת רבה, פרשה יא). ודאי חלילה להזיק להם בגוף או ממון. אבל חלילה להתחבר אליהם, חלילה להשכיר להם דירה. חלילה לתת להם עבודה. עדיף לנו שיעזבו את ארצנו.

כן דברי האוהב אתכם, ורוצה בטובתכם באמת.

משה צוריאל
מחבר "אוצרות הרב קוק" 
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Just Shows How Corrupt Some Of These "Rabbis" Can Get!

B"H - Of course goy (non-Jewish) soldiers are not Jewish soldiers, maybe these "rabbis" are not Jewish either. Israel is not following you down on this road, fellas!

- This is talkback # 8 on Equal in Life, and in Death
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Tough But True

B"H - Like it or not the Jewish idea is that Hashem is King and that we serve Him. The IDF requires its soldiers to declare their allegiance to the civil command structure of the State, akas Inauguration ceremony, and this is exactly the point where soldiers renounce their Judaism and go astray and this is why they should be considered as goyim, non-Jews, for all purposes: Tough but true.

- This is a comment on Yonason Herschlag's fb status.
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Carmi Gillon

B"H - There will never be a Carmi Gillon (ex Shin Bet chief under Rabin) square in Israel and there will be one Yigal Amir boulevard in every town soon, G-d willing. Must be frustrating for poor Carmi.

- This is a censored talkback on Ex-Shin Bet chief warns of 'next Yigal Amir'
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Millions And Millions In Lost Wages To The Xtians!

 B"H - Maybe it is difficult to grasp, but I am not the subject matter here. The hundreds of xtians bought in to undercut our youths on their own job market is the problem and Shabbat goyim you bring up as an example are irrelevant as they do tasks and jobs we cannot do. Working the land, harvesting grapes on our farms here in Judea and Samaria on the other hand is the natural jobs source for our people and those who bring in foreigners to work for free are destroying our local job market and of course Mesika, our Governor and his cronies will be held responsible for this, comes election day. If you do the maths, 25 shekels per hour times 8 hrs per day times 25 working days a month times 3 months times 500 xtian slaves, that's a 7.5 million shekels loss only in direct wages. Add the second level losses to local businesses, the pizzas, beers, cokes and yes, baby-diapers not bought and we are easily at the 10 million loss mark and more for your glorious season! 10 million and you are worried about my character?! Com'on Medad, I'm sure you can do better than that!

- This is a comment on JewishIsrael's Waller War
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"It's A Question Of Sovereignty!" - Some Rosh Hashana Thoughts

B"H - Rosh Hashana enlightened me: It's a question of sovereignty! In Judaism we have Hashem as King, in Zionism it is the State. Labor Zionism never meant to be Jewishly relevant, its aim was to resolve the "Jewish question" in 19th century Europe. Religious Zionism in a way is worse, because it does involve Hashem and thinks to serve Him by way of serving the State in particular and the Jewish People and the Land (some call it the Ground) in general. That's how the most absurd rulings, like allowing xtians in Bracha are made and justified: "It's good for the Jews" as if it had anything to do with it: In Torah, it has to be good for G-d, not to us! This is why I think RZ is Reform, because instead of changing society to fit Torah, it aims to change Torah to fit society.

Over the years the secular State reinforced its idol image by usurping Jewish symbols like the Magen David, that made a "talit" out of the flag of the State, the Menorah, that made the State's emblem a worshipable item in the eyes of many Jews, in some stage of their coming out from the galut and the Kookist dogma of declaring the State a "stage of redemption" gave the whole disgusting effort a holy glow, an all-encompassing icing on the rotten fruit cake, as it were.

In a nutshell, this is the analysis. So, what can I do with it, you may ask. Here bellow let me suggest some New Year Resolutions.


- a) Stop believing that you can "change the system from the inside" by running or by voting for kneset: It's the wrong game to be in.

- b) Stop thinking in terms of part-y politics. Political part-ies are as goyish as tattoos: We are told not to divide the nation and democracy per definition is divisive. It maybe good for the nations, but not for us: Reject it with conviction!

- c) Try to keep yourself as far removed from the State and from its "democratic process" as you possibly can. Q: "May I vote for a "Torah party?" A: Definitely Not! "Torah" and "Party" are oxymoron, meaning they are opposites, like oil and water, they don't go together.


- d) Internalize the authentic, authentic, authentic, authentic, authentic, authentic, authentic, authentic, authentic, authentic, authentic, authentic, authentic, authentic, authentic Jewish idea: "Hashem is King and we are here, in this world, to serve Him the prescribed way, not ourselves or other entities (like the State, the IDF, the kneset, etc.) in the way we see it fit, with added, silly prayers, with idol-worshipish gestures, like the standard military salute, etc.

- e)  Put on tefelin and get hi on it. Concentrate on and mean your davening. Cry out to Hashem and ask Him to give us our Jewish, Torah institutions on the Land:
 - Our Jewish King, to govern us according to his two Torah-scrolls;
 - The Cohen Gadol, to run G-d's House, built according to Ezekiel's prophesy on the Temple Mount in Jerusalem;
 - The Great Sanhedrin and just courts in every village, to oversee legal and administrative matters.
 These are the "checks and balances" we are told to strive for, instead of getting lost in the meaningless.

- f) Keep Shabat and influence people to keep Shabat.

- g) Cultivate a Havdala mentality: Separate between Jewish and goyish, good and evil, what is permitted and what is prohibited.

- h) Last but not at least, do your best to keep your children and your friends' children out of the army: "It's not just a defense force", as Rav. Shapiro says, "it's a melting pot, an indoctrination camp"! As it angers Hashem, it is actually counterproductive for our security to serve it.

Wishing you a good and successful New Year!


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What Is The Spirit Of Rosh Hashana?

B"H - The Jewish New Year, Rosh Hashana, is not just the celebration of a new cycle as New Year is in the gentile world: Rosh Hashana is the celebration of Hashem, our G-d's sovereignty. With other words, in Judaism Hashem is King. That cannot be said of Zionism. In Zionism, from the very beginning of it, the aim was to establish a sovereignty of the Jews: This is precisely why Zionism is not only not Judaism, but it is an anti-Torah phenomena in as much as it impedes the Jews to establish a Jewish state on the Land of Israel. It would seem to be obvious that celebrating Rosh Hashana induces people to reject the secular (read kofer) State established by the Zionists on the Land in '48. However, for whatever reason, this is not the case. People can easily, at least formally declare Hashem King and a few months later ask for or give their votes for kneset, for the Israeli parliament. How can that be? Any idea? Please comment.

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It Is Good That The Erev Rav Behaves Like He Should, As It Is Only By His Behaviour We Can Identify Him

B"H - It doesn't matter Medad what the xtians do. What matters is what they are. One. Two, your going after and personally offending the Jews you don't agree with tells a lot about YOU, very little if nothing about their supposedly erroneous understandings. Three, the thesis according to which we are in a "phase" of redemption is problematic, not only because you say so, but in as much as a) not "we", the Jews are always in a "stage" of redemption and b) it is hugely subjective (and exquisitely Kookist) to think so. As far as the erev rav issue is concerned, your bringing up the "uniting of humanity" gives your game away Medad. Please don't make the mistake to think I'm talking to you Medad, I have only disdain for you and I wouldn't talk to you even if you paid me with gold of your weight: I'm talking to the good people who might come to your blog by error, in their search for truth.

- This is a comment on JewishIsrael's Waller War
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A Chain Of Corruption: One Thing Leads To The Next

B"H - Well said! There are a few things one can add, one of which certainly is the corruption this mass xtian volunteering is creating in the Shomron. There are hundreds of thousands if not millions of shekels involved in the free slave work alone, forget about the donations. This means that there is a chain of material beneficiaries: The farmer who doesn't have to pay Jews to work on his farm. The politician, who sees this as his occult election-campaign financing-source. The Religious Zionist "rabbi" who hammers out a new and extreme Kookist doctrine, in view to increase his power, by insisting on replacing the love of Hashem with the love of other entities, like the Land and the People of Israel. These entities have sanctity in the Torah, but when they are lifted out from their proper context, they become idols and their worship: Minut, a new religion, "Religious Zionism" in which many people end up worshiping the Zionist State.

- This is a comment on There's a Christian in my Soup יש נוצרי בתוך המרק שלי
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The Status Of A Jew

B"H - The status of a Jew who takes the part of a xtian against a Jew is automatically in doubt.

- This is a comment on JewishIsrael's Waller War
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What A Chameleon Character!

B"H - So, for Rosh Hashana Mr. Shuldig puts on a yarmulke: What a chameleon character!

- This is a censored comment on Holidays
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