PP - Pure Propaganda

B"H - With reference to the SS - Syrian Situation, the Home Front Command issued a video on how to behave in case of a missile attack. When assessed for efficiency, one cannot but realize that the behavior-pattern showcased in the two minute video is outright ridiculous and in fact can be life threatening. The only positive that can be said about it is that there are surveys that show that whenever someone thinks s/he knows how to react to an emergency, this fact alone, independently of whether it is right or wrong, it dramatically reduces the panic effect. Other than this, it is difficult to find any truly useful or beneficial suggestion in the video: The propaganda message is of course a Zionistic, pro government one: "Listen to us and we'll save your life". Like most propaganda, this video is a massive lie too, one that offers no increased survivability of an emergency. In this we depend on Hashem, on our G-d and if the State was Jewish, it taught its people to do all the mitzvot, rather than rely on self-invented, haphazard, utterly meaningless and at the end of the day funny - maneuvers.

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