Let's Do Things In His Way

B"H - I agree. However, I would like to mention here something I don't agree with and that is the advertising that appears on the top of your post. It says: "Vote Aryeh King at the Jerusalem municipal elections" or something like that. Now, I have no clue who Aryeh King is and I am not objecting to his policies, because I don't know them and I don't care. What I'm objecting to is voting in general: We are Torah Jews (as if there were others, go figure! Koran Jews? NT Jews? Anyway, that's besides the point now). What I would like to know is where is it written ".. and go vote yourselves a city council of kofrim, aravim and who-knows-who to manage the business of the towns I'm giving you to dwell in on the Land?" That is not what we are told to do! We are told to establish just courts in every city and even the number of judges is precisely determined, according to the [number of] families living within any given place. So, moral of the story, why are we insisting on doing things the nations' way and not in His? ??? ??? Hm?

- This is a comment on "The Women's Section"
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