Which Extremist You Prefer To Live Next Door To?

B"H - On the same token Eleanor 12:48, YOU might want to expatriate to the many democracies out there and leave this "tiny island" to those Jews who, according to G-d's original plan, want a Torah state here, on the Land of Israel. As far as comparing me/us to the muslims is concerned, well, it seems that you're following Ms. Livni: She said that the conflict is not between the arabs and the Jews but between the moderates and the extremists. The fact however is that not all extremists are equal. The muslim ones want all the Jews dead everywhere, which cannot be said of the Jewish ones. So you choose; Which extremist you prefer to live next door to, the muslim or the Jewish?

- This WAS comment # 5 on Egyptian Demonstrations until delated with all my other ones. It seems that there is an old school Stalinist who rules there.
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