What They Really Are!

B"H - This State is like the Turks or the British were, with some differences. One of these differences is that these guys are saying that they are Jewish and usurping our symbols and our narrative, in order to confuse and to deceive. So, it is more difficult if not impossible for the people to recognize them for what they really are and to go against them. Very clever! Even though they give out signs every day telling us and the world that really they are a foreign occupiers, people don't WANT to believe their own eyes and ears, because the truth would hurt them too much and would leave them naked, defenseless, rebuked and look stupid. Denial is a known and perfectly normal reaction in situations like this and one can check this out on any baby by showing him or her something that s/he doesn't like: S/he will look elsewhere. Now, once people overcome denial and realize what they have in front of them, their anger will be overwhelming and that will be the day when things will start to change, G-d willing. This is why it is important to show people what the Zionists really are, so that they too can join Hashem and rebell against them: Peres giving us to Abbas, Abbas taking us from Peres may well be the moment of truth. Hum, I'm gonna blog this!

- This is an already recycled comment on Israel Finally Commits Suicide originally triggered by "יואב ירום תפקידך להילחם בערבים"
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