Time For Change

B"H - How's about Carl then, Anonymous? Carl you like more? But then you'd give me the homosexual, wouldn’t you? Genius as you are. Why an Anonymous is so fixed with the names of others is rather difficult to grasp, but never mind. As far as the institutional setup is concerned on the Land of Israel, which let's remember, is a Torah quantity, the idea is clear: We have to have a Jewish king here, who runs the government according to Torah. A Cohen gadol, who runs the Temple on the Temple Mount in Jerusalem, the Sanhedrin for the judiciary and just courts in every village,. This is the divine design. Prime minister and his office, knesset, supreme court and the civil courts, the State’s prosecution office, etc., with other words the institutions  we have now, are all only poor imitations of the nations' institutions and have nothing to do with Torah and should therefore have nothing to do with any Jew. DeMockRacy may be good for the nations, but the Jews in Eretz Israel are told to have Hashem-cracy, otherwise there is no point for us to be here. We might as well be in Uganda or on some floating island on the Mediterranean, as peres envisaged. The Land of Israel, the Children of Israel and the Torah of Israel are one inseparable thing. Here we have to run things properly and messing it up is not permitted. Not without terrible consequences, that is. One of these consequences we already see but don’t want to recognize: G-d doesn’t give us peace. This Zionistic State had not known one day of peace since it was established 65 years ago. So, this Zionistic IDF model doesn’t seem to be working very well, does it? After 65 years there is time for a change and with G-d’s help change will come to this "democratic little island" sooner than you may think.

- This is comment # 21 on  Egyptian Demonstrations

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