The Erev Rav (Mixed Multitude) Fears Nothing More Than Exposure

B"H - What's going on is that the Zionist entity proves time and again that it is not Jewish, this time for everyone to see, that's what's going on! I am surprised that you are surprised Bones, an accute observer. Did the State build the Temple on the Temple Mount of Jerusalem in these 65 years of ruling over the Jews on the Land of Israel? No. Did Hashem, our G-d give it one day of peace? No. So, if you looked at the whole picture, not just the green desert propaganda, you'd understand and then, and only then, you could even help your readers understand something.

- This WAS comment # 2 on Negotiations 2013 until deleted: Evidently, for the owner of that blog as for the erev rav everyone must continue to think that the State of Israel is Jewish, even if CLEARLY it is not.
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