On The Nature of the State And On G-d's Will

B"H - Of course we can't possibly know what is in G-d's mind. What we do know, because we have His Torah, is What we supposed to do on His Land and to a large degree How we supposed to do it. Now, hopefully you will agree with me in saying that running a democratic, read Hellenist state is NOT one of the prescriptions, therefore we can exclude it from our possibilities with certainty. To say that it’s like Achab is false of course, because Achab run a Jewish, Torah prescribed institutional system. He managed it badly, contrary to Hashem’s will, but the system itself was Jewish: So what we learn from his story is that even a Torah system can malfunction if it is in the hands of evil people. The modern State of Israel is in the hands of evil people, but this does not make it Jewish. It says of itself it is Jewish but this does not have to fool anyone and even less smart and learned people like Rav. Bar- Haim. What makes things Jewish is Torah compatibility and the State, with its knesset, with its supreme court, with its prime minister’s office, etc., is anything but Torah compatible. So we know when it says it is Jewish, it is lying. So, we have to figure out WHY is it lying to us, to its Jews? Once we established it is not Jewish we also may want to figure out what is it then?

- This is a comment on The Israeli Chief Rabbinate...Isn't
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