The Erev Rav (Mixed Multitude) Fears Nothing More Than Exposure

B"H - What's going on is that the Zionist entity proves time and again that it is not Jewish, this time for everyone to see, that's what's going on! I am surprised that you are surprised Bones, an accute observer. Did the State build the Temple on the Temple Mount of Jerusalem in these 65 years of ruling over the Jews on the Land of Israel? No. Did Hashem, our G-d give it one day of peace? No. So, if you looked at the whole picture, not just the green desert propaganda, you'd understand and then, and only then, you could even help your readers understand something.

- This WAS comment # 2 on Negotiations 2013 until deleted: Evidently, for the owner of that blog as for the erev rav everyone must continue to think that the State of Israel is Jewish, even if CLEARLY it is not.
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If I Was One Of The Victims Of The Helicopter Crash

B"H - If I was one of the victims of the helicopter crash and watching Jewish children playing in the pond of my memorial from Heaven, I'd smile and would be very pleased: We live and we will keep on living, I'd think to myself, with satisfaction. Besides, IDF monuments are not "secred" and therefore cannot be "desecrated".

- This is talkback # 18 and 19 on Traveler: Haredi vacationers desecrated IDF monument
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B"H - When Nahum Barnea says "well done!" we can be fairly sure the opposite is true: Terribly done! Never in history have we seen a parliamentary democracy enacting an amnesty defined by ethnicity. This effectively proves right those who say Israel is racist. What may surprise some is that it is racist not for but against its Jewish inmates!

- This is a censored talkback on Giving without taking

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Never In Hstory!

B"H - Never in history a parliamentary democracy allowed for ethnic-based amnesties: The State of Israel reveals itself racist, [maybe not so] surprisingly, against its Jews!

- This is talkback # 5 on Prisoner, son of murder victim, seeks parole
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State To Be Hated!

B"H - Besides the massive immorality dose the State administers to the nation with the release of terrorists with Jewish blood on their hands, it's a blow even for their own democratic, read Hellenistic principles: In parliamentary democracies it is parliament, not the government that decides on amnesty issues. Furthermore, to the best of my knowledge, no amnesty was ever pushed through for one ethnic group only, namely regarding only Arabs, leaving in prison members of all the others: A truly racist act, in this case, against the Jews. Racist acts against the Jews have a long case history - and a name: anti-Semitism! Conclusion: The State of Israel reveals itself to be anti-Semitic and in its anti-Jewish quality it deserves to be hated by its Jews!

- This is talkback # 34 on Decision to release prisoners legitimate
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On The Nature of the State And On G-d's Will

B"H - Of course we can't possibly know what is in G-d's mind. What we do know, because we have His Torah, is What we supposed to do on His Land and to a large degree How we supposed to do it. Now, hopefully you will agree with me in saying that running a democratic, read Hellenist state is NOT one of the prescriptions, therefore we can exclude it from our possibilities with certainty. To say that it’s like Achab is false of course, because Achab run a Jewish, Torah prescribed institutional system. He managed it badly, contrary to Hashem’s will, but the system itself was Jewish: So what we learn from his story is that even a Torah system can malfunction if it is in the hands of evil people. The modern State of Israel is in the hands of evil people, but this does not make it Jewish. It says of itself it is Jewish but this does not have to fool anyone and even less smart and learned people like Rav. Bar- Haim. What makes things Jewish is Torah compatibility and the State, with its knesset, with its supreme court, with its prime minister’s office, etc., is anything but Torah compatible. So we know when it says it is Jewish, it is lying. So, we have to figure out WHY is it lying to us, to its Jews? Once we established it is not Jewish we also may want to figure out what is it then?

- This is a comment on The Israeli Chief Rabbinate...Isn't
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Anti-Jewish Policy!

B"H - By agreeing to the anti-Jewish policy of the Arabs, Israel too becomes anti-Semitic: Release long serving Jewish prisoners: Yigal Amir, Ami Popper and Jack Teitel!

- This is a censored talkback on Identities of prisoners up for release revealed

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On Amona: Meaningless Secular Talk

B"H - The fact of the matter is that G-d gives this Land to the Jews, so terms like "privately owned palestinian land" or "West Bank", which is a Jordanian occupation term that ended 46 years ago, are not only meaningless but a concrete and public rebellion against the Highest Judge. With other words it is one of the many proofs of the State of Israel not being Jewish at all.

- This is talkback # 4 on Yesh Din: AG 'playing games' with court's decision on Amona

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Mesika's Policy Plan

B"H - Mesika's Policy Plan to bring in xtians to the Shomron under his administration must be stopped before it gets out of hand. This Land is reserved for the Jews not to build, build, build, but to be Torah Jews on it. Contradicting HaShem cannot go without devastating consequences for the Jews. Why A7 calls us "settlers" is a mystery. We are Jews, Eliran Aharon and Maayana Miskin!

- This is talkback # 13 on ‘Settlers’ Answer Kerry – in Washington
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Chief Rabbinate Is Just Another Zionist Incorporation

B"H - Chief Rabbinate has no Jewish significance, it's just another deception of the Zionists to make people think they have something to do with Judaism. The "rabbis" who know the secret and don't speak up are part of the problem.

- This is talkback # 1 on How were Rabbinate nominees certified?
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What They Really Are!

B"H - This State is like the Turks or the British were, with some differences. One of these differences is that these guys are saying that they are Jewish and usurping our symbols and our narrative, in order to confuse and to deceive. So, it is more difficult if not impossible for the people to recognize them for what they really are and to go against them. Very clever! Even though they give out signs every day telling us and the world that really they are a foreign occupiers, people don't WANT to believe their own eyes and ears, because the truth would hurt them too much and would leave them naked, defenseless, rebuked and look stupid. Denial is a known and perfectly normal reaction in situations like this and one can check this out on any baby by showing him or her something that s/he doesn't like: S/he will look elsewhere. Now, once people overcome denial and realize what they have in front of them, their anger will be overwhelming and that will be the day when things will start to change, G-d willing. This is why it is important to show people what the Zionists really are, so that they too can join Hashem and rebell against them: Peres giving us to Abbas, Abbas taking us from Peres may well be the moment of truth. Hum, I'm gonna blog this!

- This is an already recycled comment on Israel Finally Commits Suicide originally triggered by "יואב ירום תפקידך להילחם בערבים"
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An Opportunity?

B"H - "(Tip Credit: Jews News)"? Besides, I see an opportunity here. Hashem may open a window here for His Torah state by removing the Zionist occupyer. Let Israel fall, long live the Jewish king of the Jewish People on the Jewish Land!

- This is comment # 1 on Israel Finally Commits Suicide
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According To Arab Indiscretions

B"H - According to Arab indiscretions Peres convinced Abbas in Amman to allow us, "settlers", to stay on where we are, under his Arab, jihadist rule. If true, it means that the State of Israel is unwilling to push through another disengagement-like operation, like eight years ago in Gaza, just "simply" pull out and leave us here. So the question now is, "Who will stay on, why and how"? Any thoughts?

- This is talkback # 7 on MKs Worry: What did PM Promise Abbas? 
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Eight Years Also To Lynching Of Eden Nathan Zada

B"H - Also eight years to Eden Nathan Zada's lynching by an Arab mob in police custody on a bus in Arab village. No murderer identified, no police responsibility attributed, no justice done!

- This is talkback # 1 on 8 year to Gaza Pullout, families still struggling
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Great Progress But Not Enough!

B"H - Now, I love my partner who is a sheep and she loves me: Whenever I come home she runs to the door and licks my dick. I don't see why on earth shall I be discriminated against just because my partner is a sheep: Aren't sheep G-d's creatures as well as anyone else? Why can't I marry her? She is not allowed to have any rights! Should I fall ill or die G-d forbid or stop protecting her for whatever reason, someone might come along and take her or even kill her, which is a truly unacceptable state of legalized inhumanity. I pretend to be able to legally marry my sheep!

- This is talkback # 2 on Britain legalizes same-sex marriage
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Yishai Fleisher

B"H - If Yishai Fleisher wasn't such a full time mamlachti (State worshipper) he knew Jerusalem is anything but "rebuilt".

- This is a censored talkback on Crying in rebuilt Jerusalem
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The Europeans, They Already Buried Us, Alive!

B"H - I am a resident in the Shomron and a dual Israeli, Italian citizen. So, I get the Italian voting card by mail. The last card, instead of being sent to "Shomron, Israel" as usual, was addressed to "Shomron, Occupied Palestinian Territories": Someone actually sat down at their computer and manually changed my address, according to their own pro-muslim, anti-Jewish, European - ideology! Am I surprised? No! They killed two out of four of my grandparents just a few decades ago.

- This is a censored talkback on Israel: EU Attacks Us Because We're Small
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A Tisha B'Av Thought: Free Jewish "Terrorists" Now!

B"H - Well said! Let's remember that the same way the US holds Yonathan Pollard hostage, the kofer State of Israel holds Yigal Amir and Jack Tytell hostages. Let's not forget them and let's hope and pray that soon they'll be freed and we'll be able to drive down on Pollard Avenue in most Israeli cities to get to the Amir Medical Center on Tytell Square! Amen! Only G-d knows how much we long for that!

- This is a comment on Remembering Jonathan Pollard on His 59th Birthday
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Re: # 3 - Kosher Animals Do Not Suffer!

B"H - The fact is Jules, that with kosher slaughtering kosher animals don't suffer. Only non kosher animals would suffer. The kosher animals, and only of the kosher animals' blood-supply to the brain gets cut off immediately. This is one of the reasons we know G-d created the world: Only He could know the anatomy of all His creation in biblical times. This is also the reason we know these animalist drives against Jews are anti-Semitic. They are not based on science but on Jew-hatered

- This is talkback # 29 on Polish parliament rejects kosher slaughter
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No Limits To The Depth And To The Width Of Deception

B"H - This, Netanyahu writing a letter in a Torah, is very problematic as he is known to be a non Torah observant person. For those who don't know, or don't want to know, only Torah observant Jews can write up kosher documents and Mr. Netanyahu's letter may have ruined the whole work here: No Torah observant Jew would read from such a Torah.

- This is talkback # 3 on Netanyahu Filmed Scribing Torah at Masada's Ancient Synagogue
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IDF Scare Tactics To Force The Nation To Pay Up The Protection Money

B"H - This is talkback # 15 on IDF cuts bode uncertain future for career soldiers
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Don't Vote! (In Israel)

B"H - Well said Tomer Dvorah, thank you!
There is one half of a phrase I don't agree with: "Each of these threats is well-perceived and well-understood by most Jews, all that is except the last one..".
I would say the erev rav is dangerously not perceived either, otherwise people won't get involved with Israeli politics in general and voting for kneset, favoring this or that political part-y in particular: Many fall to propaganda and don't see through the widespread deception.

- This is comment # 2 on THREAT ASSESSMENT
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B"H - Too little too late. He committed a great big crime against the Jewish People, one that will be never forgotten. May he suffer a long and painful death.

- This is a censored talkback on Senior Disengagement commander: 'God forgive me'
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Kneset, Hands Off From Our G-d Given - Time!

B"H - This is talkback # 3 on Knesset passes DST extension
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Haber Again?!

B"H - If Mr. Haber cared or knew anything about Torah and of his own people, the Jews' history, he knew that our ability to win wars doesn't depend on our numbers, but on Hashem's, on our G-d's will. Presenting the Arab demographic threat, this time in an Egyptian flavor is as false of an argument as the Arab demographic threat used by the left in Israel.

- This is a censored talkback on Scary future ahead
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