The Melon Knows Hashem Better Than Many Jews

B"H - Before planting my melon's seeds in the garden, I googled "how to grow melons" and found complicated procedures I decided not to follow. I just put the seeds in the soil in a row, watered them and that's it. A few short days later there was a line of sweet green seedlings coming up and growing like one third to half an inch daily, a surprisingly, incredibly strong progress I've never seen before. No wonder, the last time I was gardening was in hutz l'aretz, abroad, in the galut, in the diaspora. Here, on G-d's Holy Land, the melon knows it is grown by a Jew, and it performs accordingly: The melon knows Hashem better than many Jews, who don't do things according to His will.
This post brings us to the Tree Weeks, a period ideal for tsuva, for repenting.

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Esser Agaroth said...

The land is blessed. this is a sign of when Am Yisrael is dwelling where they are supposed to be, by HaShem's Will. :-)

And, now you will be able to add misswoth to the list of misswoth you are already doing: ma'aser, terumah, pe'ah, kilaim, etc., misswoth that Jews outside of Israel are unable to do.

Ariel ben Yochanan said...


Batya said...

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toby said...

Wow! Enjoy your sweet fruits of the land :)