Soldiers Are Swearing In To What? Follow up Re: # 3

B"H - I am already  in a country such as Jordan or Egypt or even the UK, full of State worshippers like yourself, Daniel Ben Joseph. As far as your line: "This is not putting anyone or anything before HaShem or in any way contrary to the Shma. This is acknowledging that as a soldier they owe allegiance to Israel and the Jewish people. They owe allegiance to the very things that support you and your family. They owe something back to the nation that protects them, and provides for them." is concerned, clearly it an oxymoron in as much as in Judaism we attribute these things specifically to Hashem, to our G-d. So, who are you praying to? To G-d or to the State?

- This is talkback # 8 on IDF reneges on cancellation of haredi battalion swearing-in
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