Feedback on Rav. Bar-Hayim's New Al HaNisimsaid Video..

- Rav Bar-Hayim, please accept a few words on your new Al HaNisimsaid video, said with great respect to your person: You are rav. to at least two of my dear friends. As I mentioned in connection with your Hallel video, I don't see a problem with the halacha you bring down. The problem is with the perception of reality to which you apply it to, with what I call the MVN, the Miraculous Victory Narrative, which I consider to be nothing more than a Zionistic propaganda piece. Here is why:

1. Miraculous? According the State's own knesset website, the so called "[The] War of Independence caused heavy Israeli losses: More than 6,000 dead including almost 4,000 soldiers - almost 1% of the total population." How can one claim a miracle under such circumstances? We could claim a miracle if no soldiers were killed, or one or ten or a hundred or even five hundred soldiers. But 6000? Sorry, no miracle there. In any case the matter is highly subjective and I don't think Mapai politicians have the authority to declare miracles.

2. Victory? Question: What is the definition of victory? Answer: The destruction of the enemy and/or at least the breaking of its will to continue with the war. As far as Israel's so called War of Independence is concerned, all of the enemies remain in place, stronger than ever and more hawkish than ever. So, where is the "victory"? True, we were not destroyed, but it is hardly a victory: Neither were they.

At 6:15 you mention a criteria, "grave danger". Aren't we in great danger every day, in the past 65 years? The answer unfortunately is yes, we are. At 9:00 you mention "miraculous salvation". In my view this perception and description of reality is just not there, it is simply Zionistic propaganda, finalized to allow the erev rav to rule over the Jews on the Land of Israel.

You mention "Jewish sovereignty". I would like you to substantiate this concept, because sorry, I don't see it. In what extent the State is "Jewish", as it claims to be? As far as the modern City of Jerusalem is concerned, it is headquarters to the most corrupt, anti-Torah, anti-Jewish establishments ever existed in our long history. Should we express gratitude for this to Hashem? My answer clearly is no, we should not do this, for the same reasons we don't thank Him for the Golden Calf.

I’ll put up this text on my blog, thetorahrevolution.

Best, Shabat shalom,


- This is a feedback on Al HaNisim on Yom Haatzmaut and Yom Yerushalayim?
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