A Slightly Edited Message To A Friend

B"H - The Authentic Authentic Jewish Idea is to pretend our Jewish, Torah institutions on the Land as this is the Torah model of checks and balances for us here and for the world to learn it from us. If we don't do this, and Rav. Kahane didn't and his students and followers don't do this, we betray Hashem and automatically render ourselves useless for Him at least here, on His Land. Torah is not going to reform temples at 5 in the morning on Shabos. It is doing something toward the building of His kind of society: The Cohen Gadol running the Temple on the Temple Mount in Jerusalem? Of course! Sanhedrin? Of course! Just Torah courts in every village on the Land? Of course! A king? Of course. PM's office and knesset and supreme so called court and people voting part-ies is not Torah living, it is goyshe Hellenistic crap and that is where Kahane and Kahanists go astray. Let's say NO to soldiering the kofer army, to MK-ing the Hellenistic knesset, to voting in and for the so called "democratic" arrangement! Let's finally say YES to Hashem-cracy, by pretending our Torah institutions on the Land of Israel: We are put here for this and this is Kiddush Hashem! One cannot, and there is no point in “bettering” a system, democracy, that may be good for the goyim, and it is, but that has nothing to do with us and with our Constitution, the Torah!

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