If The State Was Jewish And If Its IDF Was A Jewish Army

B"H - If the State was Jewish and if its IDF was a Jewish army, the haredim would have no problem in enrrolling. As they are openly NOT Jewish, joining the IDF is actually outright counterproductive in as much as it angers Hashem: In Judaism the protection of the nation is attributed to Him and, hey Charles # 1, your secularism stinks: Why are you on the Land of G-d here if He means nothing to you?

- This is a censored talkback on Between Slabodka and Hebron
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Re: # 3

B"H - Assuming that Maria Vassilaki is not Jewish, her son, Ion Braun, is not Jewish either, but not to worry, he is a "passionate Zionist": You know, the official new religion of the State of Israel.

- This is a censored talkback on Passionate Zionist leaves Greek paradise for IDF service
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How Do We Spread The Light?

B"H - The answer to this question is: We spread the light by pretending our Jewish, Torah institutions on the Land: The Cohen Gadol running the Temple on the Temple Mount in Jerusalem, the Sanhedrin, a righteous Torah court in every village, and of course a Jewish king! This is the "checks and balances" prescribed for the Jews by our Constitution, the Torah!

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Israel Jewish State?

B"H - If the answer to this question is Yes, then let's obligate everyone to equal share of Torah learning. Let's stop IDF soldiers dodging Torah study and send them to jail! [Provocative on purpose just to show that everything depends on one's priorities]

- This is talkback # 7 on  PM to Ya'alon: Don't delay haredi conscription bill
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A Slightly Edited Message To A Friend

B"H - The Authentic Authentic Jewish Idea is to pretend our Jewish, Torah institutions on the Land as this is the Torah model of checks and balances for us here and for the world to learn it from us. If we don't do this, and Rav. Kahane didn't and his students and followers don't do this, we betray Hashem and automatically render ourselves useless for Him at least here, on His Land. Torah is not going to reform temples at 5 in the morning on Shabos. It is doing something toward the building of His kind of society: The Cohen Gadol running the Temple on the Temple Mount in Jerusalem? Of course! Sanhedrin? Of course! Just Torah courts in every village on the Land? Of course! A king? Of course. PM's office and knesset and supreme so called court and people voting part-ies is not Torah living, it is goyshe Hellenistic crap and that is where Kahane and Kahanists go astray. Let's say NO to soldiering the kofer army, to MK-ing the Hellenistic knesset, to voting in and for the so called "democratic" arrangement! Let's finally say YES to Hashem-cracy, by pretending our Torah institutions on the Land of Israel: We are put here for this and this is Kiddush Hashem! One cannot, and there is no point in “bettering” a system, democracy, that may be good for the goyim, and it is, but that has nothing to do with us and with our Constitution, the Torah!

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Soldiers Are Swearing In To What? Follow up Re: # 11

B"H - When people run out of ideas they usually start to offend their adversaries. I think we are witnessing such a case: I am no parasite, # 11, I work hard for a living, probably harder than you, in Boston. Having said that, even if I was a parasite as you insinuate, it would still be according and under the laws of your beloved State. So, what's your problem? Where is the illegality? Your closing line is outright anti-Jewish, so I won't comment on it.

- This is talkback # 12 on IDF reneges on cancellation of haredi battalion swearing-in
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Soldiers Are Swearing In To What? Follow up Re: # 9

B"H - If IDF oath was "ALWAYS recited while holding a Tanakh in the right hand and an IDF issue weapon in the left hand", as you say, it would already be something. But it is not so in the IDF. New testaments and korans are also allowed and used. Besides, the chief "rabbi" in that organization came out in public, saying that the commander's word overrides halacha: No Jew is allowed to accept that!

- This is talkback 10 on IDF reneges on cancellation of haredi battalion swearing-in
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Soldiers Are Swearing In To What? Follow up Re: # 3

B"H - I am already  in a country such as Jordan or Egypt or even the UK, full of State worshippers like yourself, Daniel Ben Joseph. As far as your line: "This is not putting anyone or anything before HaShem or in any way contrary to the Shma. This is acknowledging that as a soldier they owe allegiance to Israel and the Jewish people. They owe allegiance to the very things that support you and your family. They owe something back to the nation that protects them, and provides for them." is concerned, clearly it an oxymoron in as much as in Judaism we attribute these things specifically to Hashem, to our G-d. So, who are you praying to? To G-d or to the State?

- This is talkback # 8 on IDF reneges on cancellation of haredi battalion swearing-in
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Soldiers Are Swearing In To What?

B"H - The answer is to the secular command-chain of the kofer State. An act that is directly in contrast to Shma Israel, to our daily prayer in which we confirm our allegiance to Hashem, to our G-d.

- This is talkback # 1 on IDF reneges on cancellation of haredi battalion swearing-in
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Al Furah

B"H - Why Al Furah is called "Bedouin village" when it is in fact an illegal settlement? Why structures there are not demolished as in the Shomron? Because the law applies to all in the State of Israel?

- This is talkback # 1 on Suspected double murder: 2 young girls found dead in Bedouin village
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The Core Reason For This Tragedy

B"H - The core reason for this and many other tragedies is that the banking sector in Israel is set up as an ordinary goy fractional landing system and Torah is ignored. In the Jewish financial system credit would be free and the poor would be treated humanely.

- This is talkback # 2 on Mother of 3 among bank shooting victims
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“Jewish Blood Will Not Be Ignored!”

B"H - Of course it is and will be ignored! Don't you yet learned of whom are you talking about? "The IDF is a Jewish army" and "Israel is a Jewish State" are myths. Largely empty, Zionistic propaganda.

This is a talkback # 11 on Rabbi Mertzbach's Family: Jewish Blood Will Not be Ignored
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It Is The Soldiers Who Dodge

B"H - It is not the yeshiva boys who dodge army service but the soldiers who doge Torah and Torah study. Get your priorities right! It is Hashem Who could give us peace, not the State or its IDF.

- This is talkback # 42 on J'lem: 30,000 haredim protest against enlistment reform
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A So Called Jewish State. Ha!

B"H - A so called Jewish State that legislates specifically against its Jews and allows them to be killed is not Jewish. Even according to the Zionists' own propaganda, Israel is here to protect the Jews. But if it attacks them, what is the point in having another anti-Semitic country in the world, this time on G-d's holy Land?

- This is talkback # 11 on Livni, Aharonovitch: 'Price tag' to be tried as act of terror
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B"H - That taking out three or four rows of seats and replacing them with bedding on an airliner should cost half a million shekels is a, no, the scandal in this story. Evidently the suppliers worked on an "anything goes" budget, which means that they can be considered thieves and I would look into the nitty-gritty of kick-backs to the officials who authorized these outrageous estimates for the job.

- This is talkback # 4 on Bibi's sweet dreams
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.. And Rav. Bar-Hayim's Reply

Shalom ABY
Shabath is near, so very briefly:
1.       A "miracle" is not required in order to be hayav to thank HaShem for a national salvation. Proof: Purim. See TB 'Arakhin 10b. The word 'nisa' is used by the Talmud, but as we both know, no supernatural miracle took place. Nor did the salvation of Purim come about in the most kosher of manners. 
2.      From TB M'ghila 14a we see that what counts is salvation from death, or slavery. This would certainly have been the outcome in all the wars we have fought here in recent generations had we not been victorious.
3.      Hallel and 'Al HaNisim are said on Hanuka because of the victory in battle which resulted in a major change for the better in our nation's affairs. These victories, however, were not unqualified; the enemy returned and eventually regained control. Many died in those battles, such as El'azar the Macabee. 
4.      War always results in soldiers, and frequently civilians too, being killed. This is the way of the world. In only one instance, Milhemeth Midhyan (B'midhbar 31:49), do we hear that no-one was killed, which is why they came before Moshe Rabenu. According to your definition, the Allies did not win WW2.
5.      WW1 was won by the Allies, even though Germany's will was not broken. Nor was it destroyed. 
6.      I entirely agree with you that we should have destroyed our enemies on a number of occasions. I hope that one day we shall do so.
7.      Even under the worst regimes described in the T'nakh, 'Am Yisrael was always considered a sovereign people until conquered by a foreign nation and driven into Galuth.
Shabath Shalom
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Feedback on Rav. Bar-Hayim's New Al HaNisimsaid Video..

- Rav Bar-Hayim, please accept a few words on your new Al HaNisimsaid video, said with great respect to your person: You are rav. to at least two of my dear friends. As I mentioned in connection with your Hallel video, I don't see a problem with the halacha you bring down. The problem is with the perception of reality to which you apply it to, with what I call the MVN, the Miraculous Victory Narrative, which I consider to be nothing more than a Zionistic propaganda piece. Here is why:

1. Miraculous? According the State's own knesset website, the so called "[The] War of Independence caused heavy Israeli losses: More than 6,000 dead including almost 4,000 soldiers - almost 1% of the total population." How can one claim a miracle under such circumstances? We could claim a miracle if no soldiers were killed, or one or ten or a hundred or even five hundred soldiers. But 6000? Sorry, no miracle there. In any case the matter is highly subjective and I don't think Mapai politicians have the authority to declare miracles.

2. Victory? Question: What is the definition of victory? Answer: The destruction of the enemy and/or at least the breaking of its will to continue with the war. As far as Israel's so called War of Independence is concerned, all of the enemies remain in place, stronger than ever and more hawkish than ever. So, where is the "victory"? True, we were not destroyed, but it is hardly a victory: Neither were they.

At 6:15 you mention a criteria, "grave danger". Aren't we in great danger every day, in the past 65 years? The answer unfortunately is yes, we are. At 9:00 you mention "miraculous salvation". In my view this perception and description of reality is just not there, it is simply Zionistic propaganda, finalized to allow the erev rav to rule over the Jews on the Land of Israel.

You mention "Jewish sovereignty". I would like you to substantiate this concept, because sorry, I don't see it. In what extent the State is "Jewish", as it claims to be? As far as the modern City of Jerusalem is concerned, it is headquarters to the most corrupt, anti-Torah, anti-Jewish establishments ever existed in our long history. Should we express gratitude for this to Hashem? My answer clearly is no, we should not do this, for the same reasons we don't thank Him for the Golden Calf.

I’ll put up this text on my blog, thetorahrevolution.

Best, Shabat shalom,


- This is a feedback on Al HaNisim on Yom Haatzmaut and Yom Yerushalayim?
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B"H - Bloody Murderer!

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Complete Institutional Overhaul Is Required

B”H – This State doesn’t act Jewish. It doesn’t build the Temple on the Temple Mount in Jerusalem, it doesn’t kill the killers of Jews. In its army soldiers can swear in on the new testament as well as on the koran. With other words, this State is anything but Jewish and Jews should draw their  conclusions of this obvious and painful situation we let ourselves to sink into, with the sinful collaboration of many of our "rabbis".

- This is a censored talkback on Moshe Zar: What the Borovsky Murder Says About Us
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