Trying To Bully The Nation

B”H – I would like to remind this “author”, Prof. Izhar Oplatka, that the salary he clears into his bank account every month, year after year, is provided by the tax payers, and that therefore he himself is a tax consumer, not a tax payer. Not only. The bulk of the budget of his T.A. University, the buildings, the maintenance, the lighting, the heating, the air-conditioning, the technical and administrative as well as the academic staff in there, is also provided by taxpayers’ money. Now, what this “author” seem to suggest, is that all of this is alright, it is OK for the tax payer to finance, because, I figure, he likes the activity of T.A. University, its departments and its labs. What tax payers should not finance, according to this “author”, are only activities he does not appreciate, like those of the religious per say. The problem with this world-view you see is that, and let me not get into the fundamental what is true and what is false, what is right and what is wrong argument; the problem with this world-view is that it is not even supported by this “author’s” own set of “democratic” values: More than half of this country’s population declares itself religious or traditional. So, maybe an authentically democratic State should start to withhold the financing of one-way institutions like T.A. University or the salaries of people like this “author”, bully Izhar Oplatka. For counter-censorship purposes let me clarify that the term “bully” I don’t mean to offend, but technically: To describe someone who wants to impose his own way on others, not because it is better or in any way justified, but because it’s his. 

- This is talkback # 23 on Letter to my haredi brothers
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