Strange Coincidence

B"H - Isn't it strange that we are doing the same thing for 65 years, fighting and fighting and fighting and fighting with no peace in sight, yet by fighting and by fighting and by fighting and by fighting we will get peace, according to Ganz? Isn’t this the very description of insanity? Doing the same thing over and over again and expecting a different result every time?
Well, maybe after 65 years of fighting (and fighting and fighting and fighting and fighting) it would make sense to look into the matter and change strategy as a nation and accept Torah on ourselves?
You see, peace is a Torah quantity that G-d gives, for compliance, or takes away, as a punishment for rebellion. In Dvarim 32:21 it says: "They have provoked My jealousy with a non god, provoked My anger with their vanities. Thus, I will provoke their jealousy with a non people, provoke their anger with a foolish nation".  With other words Hashem, our G-d tells us in no uncertain terms not only that it is He who gives us the "palestinians", a non-nation to anger us with, but He also tells us the reason of why He is doing this to us: Our idol worshipping. Conclusion: If we stopped idol worshipping the State, the IDF, other secular State institutions, Obama, the Congress, etc., our enemies would dissolve like snow under the Sun.
So, why don't we just do that? A possible answer is that 65 years of fighting produced an elite class that owes its very livelihood to the war effort. This elite leads the country and peace for them would be the greatest disaster imaginable. It is not a coincidence that Ganz doesn’t promise us peace, rather more and more fighting: After all, this is what he and his cronies get paid for.

- This is talkback # 2 on Gantz: We have no choice but to keep winning 
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