In Memory Of Evyatar Borovsky, Killed Because Jew - Re: # 6. # 7 and # 8

B"H - Only if Israel occupied the "West Bank" from "Palestine", could you make a case against Israel and/or against the settlers. However, Israel did not conquer the "West Bank" in '67 from the “Palestinians” but from the illegal occupation of Jordan: There was never ever a sovereign Arab Palestinian state and therefore the "stolen land" narrative is a lie. By the way, the very term “West Bank” is a Jordanian occupation term, invented by the British to de-Judaize even the original Jewish toponym, which is Judea. Using “West Bank” instead of Judea and Samaria, as if these lands were not liberated in ’67, is also a lie and as we see it is a lie that kills. The truth is that these are ancient biblical Jewish lands, the Arabs are the invaders and the Jews are the natives. Arabs to Arabia, Jews to Judea!

- This is talkback # 20 on Palestinian terrorist murders Israeli in West Bank
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