On Day 9 Of The Omer: Torah Matters!

B"H - I can find the words. After all these years, Hellenistic democracy proves itself not to be the best system in the world: Theocracy is and it is the religious duty of every Jew to make sure Israel is run by Torah Law, according to Hashem's divine plan. Knesset, Prime minister's office, so called supreme court are all illegal, null and void on the Land of Israel according to the Jewish world-view: We pray three times a day, every day, for the re-establishment of our Torah institutions on the Land and, on day 9 of the Omer, 40 days from the giving of the Torah, I renew and publicize this longing, this craving of the Jewish people for our G-d given Jewish institutions and thus against the Zionistic occupation of power: A king, just Torah courts in every village, the Sanhedrin and of course the new and eternal Temple on the Temple Mount in Jerusalem!

- This was a slightly edited comment # 2 on Turkey's Choice until removed.
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