Another Reaction To The Rav Bar-Haim Pro Hallel Video

B"H - I don't agree with the opinion expressed in this video. Not only because of the halachics, but because of the assumption that I'd call "Miracles & Victory" narrative or MVN. MVN is not at all fact, as claimed mainly by the Kookies [yes, pejorative], but highly subjective Zionistic propaganda. Here is why:
1 Miracles. The MFA website where I went to mine info says "In human terms, the War of Independence was Israel's costliest war, with over 6,000 Israelis were killed and 15,000 wounded".
Now, can anything that costly in human terms be considered a "miracle"? My answer is no, per definition. It would have been a miracle if 0 soldiers were killed or if 1 soldier was killed, even if 10, 100 or 500. But six thousand? Sorry, no miracle there.
2 Victory. If you think about it, this is even more mind boggling. If Saddam Hussein said it, you’d laugh, thinking yeah, sure. So let’s analyse this “victory”: a) All of Israel's enemies are in place today as they were then. b) Not only. They are stronger than ever and what is decisive for negating the victory claim c), is that they are more convinced than ever of being on the right side of history. With other words, they did not give up their plans to destroy the Jews in the Land of Israel.
So, because there is no miracle and no victory, because the MVN is just another Zionistic lie, I do not say Hallel and of course in respect of Hashem I invite you not to say Hallel either. 

- This is an opinion expressed to Rav BarHaim on his Short Interview Video
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