An Open Letter To Rav. Bar-Haim Concerning The Hallel Debate

B"H - The source sheet is available to me only in Google translation, which is not ideal. Over and above the source sheet however, I would consider the traditional understanding of 5th of Iyar problematic. Many say that Jewish sovereignty was re-established in the Land of Israel 3706 years after G-d's promise to Avraham and this narrative became the standard with the victory of the Kookists. My observation on the other hand is that certainly a new sovereignty was established on that day, but is it Jewish? How can we know? What makes Jewish - Jewish? A politically motivated proclamation or Torah? Of course the answer is: Torah, and this is one of the reasons I cannot consider that day a miracle and all the more so, a victory. After all, all our enemies are in place, they are stronger than ever and they are more convinced than ever to be on the right side of history. So, it is perfectly possible that the new sovereignty that was established is an erev rav or even an amalek one. It gives out mixed signals. Calling this new sovereignty Jewish is openly deceptive and we mustn't fall for it, if we don't want to loose sight of our Torah on G-d's holy Land. Modern Israel has a democratic institutional structure, meaning that it is as Jewish as Germany, France or Australia. Our job is to reclaim this Land and make it Jewish. What's the only way we can do this? By establishing our Torah institutions on it: a king, the Sanhedrin and just Torah courts in every village and of course the Temple on the Temple Mount in Jerusalem! The criteria for "Jewish" is Torah and nowhere in the Torah it is written: Elect yourselves a knesset that can provide you with man-made laws for you to respect, instead of My Law. In conclusion, the "Miracles & Victories" narrative seem to be empty, Zionistic propaganda. I blog this text on http://thetorahrevolution.blogspot.co.il/2013/04/an-open-letter-to-rav-bar-haim.html and by "State" I mean the sum of its institutions, not the people it rules over or the territory it controls.

Shabat shalom

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