In Memory Of Evyatar Borovsky, Killed Because Jew - Re: # 6. # 7 and # 8

B"H - Only if Israel occupied the "West Bank" from "Palestine", could you make a case against Israel and/or against the settlers. However, Israel did not conquer the "West Bank" in '67 from the “Palestinians” but from the illegal occupation of Jordan: There was never ever a sovereign Arab Palestinian state and therefore the "stolen land" narrative is a lie. By the way, the very term “West Bank” is a Jordanian occupation term, invented by the British to de-Judaize even the original Jewish toponym, which is Judea. Using “West Bank” instead of Judea and Samaria, as if these lands were not liberated in ’67, is also a lie and as we see it is a lie that kills. The truth is that these are ancient biblical Jewish lands, the Arabs are the invaders and the Jews are the natives. Arabs to Arabia, Jews to Judea!

- This is talkback # 20 on Palestinian terrorist murders Israeli in West Bank
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I Resent The Fact

B"H - I resent the fact that they print "shekel" on these kneset bills, not only the faces they use to decorate them. "Shekel" is a Torah quantity of real money and calling these printed papers "shekel" is part of the best deception effort of the century: Zionism.

- This is talkback # 9 on Deri: Why no Mizrahim on new NIS bills?
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B"H - Besides, calling the participation in the democratic process and in the allocation of budgets "stealing" seems to be a rather extremist proposition: If allocating funds within the legal framework to pet projects are considered "stealing", and this term is brushed right up to the headlines, than we might want to call the subsidized kibbutz movement or the various Arab affirmative action programs names? They cost hundreds of time more to the taxpayer and as they are dear to the Left, they are called interventions of “Social Justice“. Well, observant Jews deserve “Social Justice” too, in a so called Jewish State! No?

- This is talkback # 18 on Haredim have been stealing for years
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What Other Choice Do We Have?

B"H - We have free choice. We either live here, on G-d's Holy Land, as goyim, non Jews who reject Him, or we can live like we should be living, like Jews and enjoy all the promised benefits, like peace and prosperity. It is the lapids that bring disaster on the nation.

- This is talkback # 7 on Haredim have been stealing for years
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Same Old!

B"H - The secularist, read non-Jewish State fights against Torah and wants to destroy its Jews, turning them into what they consider harmless, normalized citizens of the State, towing the Government line, like zombies. We've seen Stalin, Ceauşescu doing this in the last goy century in their own countries, using the same tool: A standardized, centralized "education" system to indoctrinate the population. Soon, children will be made to spy on their parents and relatives and report to the authorities.

- This is a talkback on Law to cut funding of haredi schools
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Very Bad!

B"H - Informing on a Jew to a goy authority like the NYPD? Very bad! Almost as bad as it can get. Halacha doesn't allow for this kind of a cowardly conduct, aka mosering.

- This is talkback # 2 on NY Teen Arrested After Threatening to Blow Up Yeshiva
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B"H - More Flowers On More Graves: Don't Tell Me This Is A Jewish State! Please!

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Strange Coincidence

B"H - Isn't it strange that we are doing the same thing for 65 years, fighting and fighting and fighting and fighting with no peace in sight, yet by fighting and by fighting and by fighting and by fighting we will get peace, according to Ganz? Isn’t this the very description of insanity? Doing the same thing over and over again and expecting a different result every time?
Well, maybe after 65 years of fighting (and fighting and fighting and fighting and fighting) it would make sense to look into the matter and change strategy as a nation and accept Torah on ourselves?
You see, peace is a Torah quantity that G-d gives, for compliance, or takes away, as a punishment for rebellion. In Dvarim 32:21 it says: "They have provoked My jealousy with a non god, provoked My anger with their vanities. Thus, I will provoke their jealousy with a non people, provoke their anger with a foolish nation".  With other words Hashem, our G-d tells us in no uncertain terms not only that it is He who gives us the "palestinians", a non-nation to anger us with, but He also tells us the reason of why He is doing this to us: Our idol worshipping. Conclusion: If we stopped idol worshipping the State, the IDF, other secular State institutions, Obama, the Congress, etc., our enemies would dissolve like snow under the Sun.
So, why don't we just do that? A possible answer is that 65 years of fighting produced an elite class that owes its very livelihood to the war effort. This elite leads the country and peace for them would be the greatest disaster imaginable. It is not a coincidence that Ganz doesn’t promise us peace, rather more and more fighting: After all, this is what he and his cronies get paid for.

- This is talkback # 2 on Gantz: We have no choice but to keep winning 
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Religious Zionism Is Not Judaism

B"H - I like the picture with the Golden Calf because I think it sums up the Zionist movement, especially the religion called "Religious Zionism" which is not to be confused with Judaism, even though some of its practitioners happen to be born Jewish.

- This is a comment on YeSh"A Council Non-Political? Yeah, Right!

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Flowers On Graves. Very Jewish, Indeed! [ironic]

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Judaism Teaches Us That We Are Here Because Of Hashem, Our G-d, Not Because Of Soldiers

- This is a take on what Netanyahu and the secularists are saying
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Another Reaction To The Rav Bar-Haim Pro Hallel Video

B"H - I don't agree with the opinion expressed in this video. Not only because of the halachics, but because of the assumption that I'd call "Miracles & Victory" narrative or MVN. MVN is not at all fact, as claimed mainly by the Kookies [yes, pejorative], but highly subjective Zionistic propaganda. Here is why:
1 Miracles. The MFA website where I went to mine info says "In human terms, the War of Independence was Israel's costliest war, with over 6,000 Israelis were killed and 15,000 wounded".
Now, can anything that costly in human terms be considered a "miracle"? My answer is no, per definition. It would have been a miracle if 0 soldiers were killed or if 1 soldier was killed, even if 10, 100 or 500. But six thousand? Sorry, no miracle there.
2 Victory. If you think about it, this is even more mind boggling. If Saddam Hussein said it, you’d laugh, thinking yeah, sure. So let’s analyse this “victory”: a) All of Israel's enemies are in place today as they were then. b) Not only. They are stronger than ever and what is decisive for negating the victory claim c), is that they are more convinced than ever of being on the right side of history. With other words, they did not give up their plans to destroy the Jews in the Land of Israel.
So, because there is no miracle and no victory, because the MVN is just another Zionistic lie, I do not say Hallel and of course in respect of Hashem I invite you not to say Hallel either. 

- This is an opinion expressed to Rav BarHaim on his Short Interview Video
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An Open Letter To Rav. Bar-Haim Concerning The Hallel Debate

B"H - The source sheet is available to me only in Google translation, which is not ideal. Over and above the source sheet however, I would consider the traditional understanding of 5th of Iyar problematic. Many say that Jewish sovereignty was re-established in the Land of Israel 3706 years after G-d's promise to Avraham and this narrative became the standard with the victory of the Kookists. My observation on the other hand is that certainly a new sovereignty was established on that day, but is it Jewish? How can we know? What makes Jewish - Jewish? A politically motivated proclamation or Torah? Of course the answer is: Torah, and this is one of the reasons I cannot consider that day a miracle and all the more so, a victory. After all, all our enemies are in place, they are stronger than ever and they are more convinced than ever to be on the right side of history. So, it is perfectly possible that the new sovereignty that was established is an erev rav or even an amalek one. It gives out mixed signals. Calling this new sovereignty Jewish is openly deceptive and we mustn't fall for it, if we don't want to loose sight of our Torah on G-d's holy Land. Modern Israel has a democratic institutional structure, meaning that it is as Jewish as Germany, France or Australia. Our job is to reclaim this Land and make it Jewish. What's the only way we can do this? By establishing our Torah institutions on it: a king, the Sanhedrin and just Torah courts in every village and of course the Temple on the Temple Mount in Jerusalem! The criteria for "Jewish" is Torah and nowhere in the Torah it is written: Elect yourselves a knesset that can provide you with man-made laws for you to respect, instead of My Law. In conclusion, the "Miracles & Victories" narrative seem to be empty, Zionistic propaganda. I blog this text on http://thetorahrevolution.blogspot.co.il/2013/04/an-open-letter-to-rav-bar-haim.html and by "State" I mean the sum of its institutions, not the people it rules over or the territory it controls.

Shabat shalom

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On Day 9 Of The Omer: Torah Matters!

B"H - I can find the words. After all these years, Hellenistic democracy proves itself not to be the best system in the world: Theocracy is and it is the religious duty of every Jew to make sure Israel is run by Torah Law, according to Hashem's divine plan. Knesset, Prime minister's office, so called supreme court are all illegal, null and void on the Land of Israel according to the Jewish world-view: We pray three times a day, every day, for the re-establishment of our Torah institutions on the Land and, on day 9 of the Omer, 40 days from the giving of the Torah, I renew and publicize this longing, this craving of the Jewish people for our G-d given Jewish institutions and thus against the Zionistic occupation of power: A king, just Torah courts in every village, the Sanhedrin and of course the new and eternal Temple on the Temple Mount in Jerusalem!

- This was a slightly edited comment # 2 on Turkey's Choice until removed.
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Trying To Bully The Nation

B”H – I would like to remind this “author”, Prof. Izhar Oplatka, that the salary he clears into his bank account every month, year after year, is provided by the tax payers, and that therefore he himself is a tax consumer, not a tax payer. Not only. The bulk of the budget of his T.A. University, the buildings, the maintenance, the lighting, the heating, the air-conditioning, the technical and administrative as well as the academic staff in there, is also provided by taxpayers’ money. Now, what this “author” seem to suggest, is that all of this is alright, it is OK for the tax payer to finance, because, I figure, he likes the activity of T.A. University, its departments and its labs. What tax payers should not finance, according to this “author”, are only activities he does not appreciate, like those of the religious per say. The problem with this world-view you see is that, and let me not get into the fundamental what is true and what is false, what is right and what is wrong argument; the problem with this world-view is that it is not even supported by this “author’s” own set of “democratic” values: More than half of this country’s population declares itself religious or traditional. So, maybe an authentically democratic State should start to withhold the financing of one-way institutions like T.A. University or the salaries of people like this “author”, bully Izhar Oplatka. For counter-censorship purposes let me clarify that the term “bully” I don’t mean to offend, but technically: To describe someone who wants to impose his own way on others, not because it is better or in any way justified, but because it’s his. 

- This is talkback # 23 on Letter to my haredi brothers
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