Moshiah NOW?

B"H - Thank you for this insight [below]. The finishing "Messiah NOW!" outcry I think is very problematic, in a sense that when we say "Free Pollard NOW", for example, we know that it is merited and that it is overdue. With the "Moshiah NOW" this is not the case, we know full well that it is not merited and if he comes, he comes for His Name's sake, not because we merited it. So, it's His choice, His choice alone and it seems to me a chutzpa to act in this manner, as if we were G-d: We are not. If we really wanted Messiah we'd make individual AND national tsuva, both things that we stubbornly refuse to do, let's face it. So, on the Shabat we read of the sin of the Golden Calf let's remember this and instead of trying to twist G-d's arm as it were, let's make individual AS WELL AS national tsuva: Let's remember this Shabbat that the knesset the Zionists give us to make man-made so called civil laws to follow is not a Torah institution! So, let's renounce voting for knesset: We voted for Hashem under the Mount in Sinai for ALL generations! Let us remember the few things we are actually commanded to do on the Land and do those things, not what comes into OUR rebellious minds: Like dealing with the seed of Amalek for good, appointing a king and of course building the Temple. So, let's do these things NOW as a nation first and only then, when WE did our part, call to G-d and ask Him to do His [part]!
- This is a comment on Chaim Yitzchok Cohen's fb status: This Shabbat we read the third of the four special Torah readings at this time of the year. Two readings are read before Purim (Shkalim & Zachor) and two between Purim and Pesach (Parah & Hachodesh).

We remove two Torahs from the ark this Shabbat. In the first we read the weekly Torah portion, Ki Tisa. In the second Torah we read Parashat Parah - the laws of the Red Heifer, which is about the spiritual purification process for someone who became impure as a result of coming in contact with a dead body and is prohibited from entering the Beth Hamikdash (Holy Temple).

In the weekly Torah portion, Ki Tisa, we read about the sin of the Golden Calf which the Jewish people made in the desert. This resulted in Moshe's breaking the Tablets when he came down Mount Sinai and witnessed them worshipping the idol. Moshe went back up the mountain to pray for their forgiveness which G-d granted. He told Moshe to bring up another set of Tablets and He once again engraved the Ten Commandments.

The Parashiot have a connection between them. The Red Heifer was to atone for the sin of the Golden Calf.

How long after the Giving of the Torah did they make the Golden Calf?

Forty days later.

How many times did Moshe go up Mount Sinai and for how long did he stay up?

Moshe went up three times! The first time was when G-d gave the Torah. He stayed on the mountain for forty days and broke the Tablets on his way down when he saw the Golden Calf. He went up again and stayed for forty days praying for forgiveness, which G-d granted. Then G-d told him to bring up two new Tablets, which he did. He went up with the Tablets for another forty days and came down with the Second Tablets on which G-d engraved the Ten Commandments. He was up for a total of 120 days.

On which day did Moshe come down with the First Tablets and on which day with the Second Tablets?

The First Tablets on the 17th day of Tammuz. The Second Tablets on Yom Kippur.

What was the difference between the first and second Tablets?

The First Tablets were completely the work of G-d. The Tablets and the engraving were Divine. The Second Tablets were a mix; Moshe brought up the Tablets with him and G-d fixed His writing on them.

The whole concept of the Torah is to bring heaven down to earth and elevate earth to heaven. The First Tablets were heavenly - completely G-d made and they didn't last. The second ones were a blend of Moshe's work and G-d's work and that had an everlasting effect. G-d gave mankind the ability to perfect G-d's work.

What happened to the broken tablets?

They were placed in the holy ark together with the Second Tablets. Moshiach NOW!!!

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