Re Kirschen 4:31

 - Thank you Yaakov for not deleting my stuff. As far as the merit of your text is concerned, I never pretended to speak for all Jews, it is you who does that. I express the opinion of and sign for one Jew; myself. Good for you Bones, that the xtians are with you! [Ironic of course.] Let me quickly mention here that the Jews don't go by the majority of laymen, we go by the Truth. Torah is not democracy and democracy is not Torah. The Rambam, (Rabbi Moshe ben Maimon 1138 – 1204 Spain and Egypt) specifically mentions in his Hilichot Avodat Zara (Laws of Idol worshipping) that we, ordinary Jews, should not occupy ourselves with the affairs of the gentiles: "All these prohibitions have one common thrust: that one should not pay attention to idol worship.. We should not turn our minds to these matters, think about them, or be drawn after the thoughts of our hearts”. (Chapter 2, Halacha 3) I understand that this is not the path organized Jewry follows, Roman Jews even have the habit to invite popes into their main synagogue, where they arrive with their bishops, all wearing their huge golden crosses and their following making signs of the cross. So, here you are, there is a long way to sink much lower in the name of "inter-religious dialogue". I wonder when will they open up a shul (Synagogue) in the Vatican, in the name of the same, hm, xtian "friend" of Israel?

- This is comment # 9 on  The Pope

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