The Hanin Zoaby Myth

B"H -  Hanin Zoabi did not have to be "involved in the violence" on the Marmara in order to disqualify from knesset. The fact that she was on the ship is enough. Why? Because it wasn't a Mediterranean pleasure cruse. The ship was on a mission and the mission was to support Hamas, which is an organization on the terrorist list. When A=B=C, we learn that A=C, that is to say that Ms. Zoabi is a terrorist supporter and as a terrorist supporter she should have been banned from knesset. Jews are banned for much, much less in the past and the fact that Mr. Zaher raises his voice against Israel in general and against the attorney general in particular should teach the decision makers in this country about the uselessness of trying to appease the Arab minority with affermative actions: As it is a hostile minority bent on distruction, the more one gives them, the more they will pretend in an endless spiral of what effectively is a death-dance.

- This is talkback # 6 on Cover-up led to anti-Zoabi campaign
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