My Impression?

B"H - My impression is that it is Ms. Livni who lives in a bubble, disconnected from G-d and Torah.

- This is a censored talkback on Livni: We're living in bubble, disconnected from world
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On What Is Jewish And What Is Not - A Take On The Latest Terrorist Release

B"H - The truth is that it is utterly unreasonable and even un-Jewish in my opinion to expect anything what we consider positive from what we call "politicians". The fact is that nowhere it is written "elect yourselves a knesset", yet we do, even if Torah clearly gives us instructions concerning the institutions we are to set up on the Land when we come and possess it and on how to run them: The Cohen Gadol, running the show in the Temple, on the Temple Mount in Jerusalem, a Jewish king, who takes care of the government with his two Torah scrolls, the Sanhedrin and just Courts in every village, administering  Justice. This is the Jewish, Torah system that Hashem wants us to have and to operate here, to announce His Name in this world and if we refuse our G-d given purpose and insist on copying the goyim with this stupid insistence on their Hellenistic democracy, well, we cannot act as if we were surprised when it becomes painfully obvious that it doesn't work for us. We were told it won't, so, what do we expect? That somehow it will work? Why should it? A righteous MK is an oxymoron and the naivety with which we depend on every word these lowlifes pronounce reflects as much on us, on our rebuttal of Torah as it reflects on them. Pushing the analysis no longer suffice, we have to come up with the answer and the answer cannot be but Torah, pretending our rightful Torah institutions. Until we decide to do so, we're doomed, unfortunately. Rav. Kahane tried and failed to reform the system from within and his students' and followers' belief that somehow, against all odds it can be done is as baseless as their propulsion to collaborate with and participate in the un-Jewish institutions of the secular, read kofer State.

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"Jewish" State?

B"H - Jews don't supposed to wish marry anything to idol worshipers, let alone their main holiday. If Israel was a Jewish state, as it claims to be, this could not have happened.

- This is talkback # 9 on Netanyahu delivers Christmas greeting
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Xtian Attack On Jews

B"H - If the existent churches, mosques, Israel-Vatican negotiations and agreements, popos visiting J.em, etc. don't disturb you, I don't see how this one can: It's only the logical consequence of the country rejecting Torah under the Zionists.

 - This is a comment on Cast a Giant Jesus over Israel
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The Enemy Is Within

B"H - If you push the issue one step further, it's clear that the Zionist mission is to de-Judaize the Jew and to normalize him into the nationalistic framework of the nations of the World. That this is being done on the G-d-given Land of Israel and in the name of the very Judaism they are out to destroy makes it only worse. Worse than the Nazis, actually. The Nazis were and are clearly seen and visible as the enemy. The Zionists on the other hand, pose as saviors, making it very difficult to fight them: Clever!

- This is a talkback on Netanyahu and the Reform Movement
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This Article Is Zionist Propaganda. It Has Nothing To Do..

B"H - ..with Judaism. Presenting the State of Israel as "Jewish" is a big lie, the deception of the century

- This is talkback # 7 on Kiddush cup more than half full
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B"H - Yoav Levanon!

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Commenting On Facebook On An IDF Photo

 B"H - I'm sorry, but I'll be harif (sharp): I have to be, in front of this deception. The IDF is not King David's army, and it is wrong to insinuate that it is a Jewish army. It is not! Don't believe me? This article tells us that the IDF does not respect halacha, Jewish Law http://www.ynetnews.com/articles/0,7340,L-4169505,00.html and this one tells us in its last paragraph that the IDF's rules of engagement are the same against Jews and "Palestinians" http://www.ynetnews.com/articles/0,7340,L-4318531,00.html. Furthermore, it is a historic fact that the IDF let itself be used against the Jewish People and against our security, it is the only standing army in the whole world right now that destroys synagogues and housing just because they are Jewish, so please, don't come on Facebook and post nonsense Zionist propaganda lies of the IDF and its soldiers as if it and they were the good guys: They are a bunch of evil criminals, that's what they are!

B"H - This is a comment on this photo
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Zionism vs. Judaism

B"H - Zionists, stop  worshiping the State, IDF, IAF, etc. In Judaism it is Hashem, our G-d, who protects us, as a reward for Torah-compliance, not the State and its IDF. Render the IDF Torah-compatible and haredim will swarm the place. As is, it's a disaster for the nation!

- This is talkback # 12 on Yeshiva heads hold emergency meeting

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London, Washington And Nahum Barnea

B"H - London, Washington may get temporarily paralyzed because of traffic pile-ups, not because of major systems' failure. When our power and phone grid goes down for four days and four nights as a result of a foot of snow, it is reasonable to accuse the establishment of gross negligence and it is not an accident that Nahum Barnea defends them.

- This is talkback # 16 on Israel not a third world country
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B"H - Mandela was a Jew-hater and most of his eulogizers are Jew-haters
- This is another censored talkback on World leaders pay tribute to Mandela in Johannesburg memorial 
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On The Kotel

B"H - Well said! I agree, of course: The Kotel, a replacement "holy place", comes handy for the Zionists, for their replacement religion, Zionism.

- This is a comment on Yehuda Glick, about the Kotel, during an interview about Har Habayit 

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What? The State Of Israel Gave The Bible To The World?

B"H - With reference to your "The Reason", you're replacing Moshe Rabinu in particular and Torah Jews in general with the State of Israel: Israel never gave "the Bible, the Ten Commandments and the Concept of Good and Evil to the world". Judaism worships Hashem, our G-d, the new religion, Zionism, worships the State and most of your cartoons, like this one, are shameless propaganda for the latter.

- This is a message to Yaakov Kirschen on The Reason
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On The Status Of The IDF Soldier: Can He Be Part Of A Miniyan?

B"H - There is confusion here. It is present not by accident, it was planted, nourished and promoted all the way with a purpose in mind and the purpose being the creation and the establishment of the new man, the Israeli, practicing a new religion: Zionism. Why do I keep repeating this? Because understanding this is important for us in order to be able to determine the status of the IDF and its soldiers. It is important to realize that the IDF is the army of the State and not of the Jewish People. Its soldiers in order to operate, to be IDF soldiers at the first place, are required to swear allegiance to the State and to its civil command-structure. This oath goes directly against the essence of Judaism, in as much as Jews are (meant to be) loyal to Hashem, to our jealous G-d. In Judaism He is sovereign, not other entities and agencies. Accordingly, the chief "rabbi" of the IDF recently declared that in his organization the word of a commander overrides halacha, Jewish Law. So, we can safely assume that the IDF is a non-Jewish, anti-Jewish, non-Torah, anti-Torah organization and as such it is prohibited for a Jew to be associated with it, or, if he decides to associate, he will have to assume responsibility for his (or her) association with this evil body. At this point, or maybe much earlier, many people jump on their feet and say various things, like "we need an army to defend ourselves", etc. The answer is we do, but our army should be a Jewish army and as Jews we cannot just give up hoping and praying for and pretending our Jewish army. As far as the protection of the nation is concerned two things have to be mentioned: One is that the IDF has committed and commits terrible crimes against the defense of the Jewish People and these crimes cannot be disregarded and two, that as I mentioned above, the primary action of a sweared-in IDF soldier is to protect the State: The protection of the people comes as a by-product, as it were, as an overlap between the secular, kofer State and the people it rules over on the Land of Israel. Because of these considerations I would conclude by saying that both "rabbinic" opinions mentioned in the article are erroneous, for different reasons.

- This is a talkback on Haredi Bashers Need to Look in Their Own Backyards
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Down With The Mandelas!

B"H - Ynet, you can't fool all the people all of the time: The web is full of texts and pictures of this Mandela man kissing Kadafi, Arafat, Castro and the like. He poses in front of communist hammer and sickle banners with raised fist. He is associated with African National Congress "necklacings", consisting of putting petrol-filled tires around the chest and arms of enemy collaborators and burning them alive. He is quoted as being a friend of the "palestinian people" and portraying Israel as an apartheid: Enough is enough! Stop idolizing this evil!

- This is a censored talkback on On charisma and humanity
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A Reaction To Recent Lev Tahor Polemics [ironic but serious]

B"H - Seems like an idyllic family picture? Wrong. We are in front of a rare case of full admission of child abuse charges. These children are deprived of footwear and dressed only partially. They don't follow obligatory secular curriculum like maths, physics, Darwinian biology and sex ed in co-ed classes. They are groomed to be pyromaniacs by their obsessive-compulsive  mother's repetitive weekly lightnings of candles. They are instigated by their dysfunctional parents to succumb to alternate reality by direct exposure to freak images on the wall and worst of all, if they are male, we know their genitals are mutilated by an inhumane procedure called "brit mila" administered by an unworthy, unlicensed, bloodthirsty, degenerated, figure called "mohel", belonging to this primitive sect called Jews! Witnesses deposited statements indicating he habitually starts up by cutting off the child's foreskin with a knife, spilling blood everywhere, then he proceeds with performing fellatio on his underaged victim in an effort to clean up the mess. If the underaged victim cries out because of his suffering, this shady figure dips his little finger into a cup of sweet wine and sticks it into the mouth of the child, while the surrounding sadistic crowd cheers on with huge grins on their faces. Reccomandation: Outlaw Jews and put their infants into protective foster-care.

- This is a comment on Canadian court orders Haredi cult's children be put in foster care
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Of Course They Are Hated, They Are Lev Tahor (Pure Hearts)!

B"H - May G-d bless these Pure Hearts in their efforts to lead a Torah-true life-style!

- This is a censored talkback on Court Orders 14 Jewish Sect Minors to Foster Care
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What Matters Is Not What You Do, But Whom You Do It To

B"H - For taking the life of Rabin, Yigal Amir gets life in prison. For taking the life of Eden Natan Zada his murderers get two years. Evidently, for the Israeli Judiciary what matters is not what you do, but whom you do it to!

- This is a censored talkback on Defendants in Natan Zada lynching get 2 years in prison
and comment # 13 on Jail Time for Mob Slaying of ‘Jewish Terrorist’
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"My Rabbits Are Very Jewish!" Wow!

 B"H - I had a little exchange, not even too serious, on facebook that I'd like to share with you:

- MN: "My rabbits are very Jewish because they are very nice and sweet and cute and adorable and good".
- AbY:  Wow, you don't even realize MN, how typical and revealing of a statement you just made of our lax, some would say idol worshiping times! We tend to replace Jewish values and more importantly halacha, Jewish Law, according to which of course your sweet little rabbit is traif no matter what, with replacement criteria that we prefer or maybe just know better. This exactly is the same mechanism that makes, for example, the IDF soldier a good Jew, even if he is an Arab or Russian goy. Your outburst is so telling of what's happening to our nation under the Zionists that I blog this exchange right now: Thanks for your clarity! (Not for the content of it)
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Havdalah: Let's Distinguish Between Holy And Secular

B"H - Well said, as long as people realize that the required response, aliyah, has to regard the Land of Israel, which is a Torah quantity and not the State of Israel, which is just another goyshe style "democratic" republic. Let's distinguish between Judaism and Zionism: The first worships Hashem, the second the "renaissance of the Jewish People", as Rav. Kook put it.

- This is a talkback on "Knockout" a Jew: The Latest Craze
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Powers - Iran Deal: Here's How They Achieved It

- Powers to Iran: You want to destroy Israel?
- Iran to Powers: Yep!
- Powers to Iran: Fine, we too, but we want to do it our way, by telling 'em we love 'em.
- Iran to Powers: Ah. (eyes rolling).
- Powers to Iran: So just sign on the dotted line and we'll see to it that everything will be fine, don't ya worry.
- Iran to Powers: OK! (Grin)

- This is a talkback on Geneva talks yield nuclear deal with Iran
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Dry Bones: 40 Years of Zionist Cartooning

B"H - It seems to me that with his Dry Bones cartoons Kirschen is a tireless, secularist propagandist of the Zionist State, determined against Torah and the Torah values of the Jewish People.

- This is talkback # 4 on Dry Bones: 40 Years of Zionist Cartooning 
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A Not-So-Hidden Agenda Of Negation

B"H - I detect a "hidden agenda" behind the insistence of the Israeli media in its use of the Jordanian occupation term "West Bank". The Europeans even use "Cisjordan" to name the liberated territories of Yehuda and Shomron, liberation that evidently they do not want to recognize.

- This is talkback # 4 on String of West Bank incidents: Couple hurt by firebomb
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Secularist Coertion

B"H - "And what will the rest of the people do, including homosexuals, lesbians, atheists or those without any religious affiliation – who are all, by the way, law-abiding and tax-paying citizens?" - Elkariv asks. "They can take care of themselves" - he suggests and let me add, outside of the country! They can vote with their feet! For an explanation of this, what you would call an "extremist" opinion, let me offer this: The Zionist State was established on what for the Jews is Eretz Israel, a [Torah quantity]. This creates a double, no, not truth, because there is only One Truth, Torah, but a double reality, let's say. For the Zionists, post-Zionists, etc. the law is the civil law of the land. For the Jews, Torah is the Law. So Yakir Elkariv, you can push for civil marriage, gay rights, etc. in Israel, but know that you're up against precisely that mysterious force that kept the Jews alive in the past 2000 years, against all odds. You are up against G-d's Law and by doing so politically you position yourself in the anti-Jewish camp: Not a nice place, not on the Land of Israel!

- This is talkback # 34 on Stop religious discrimination
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Peace Doesn't Come Because You Want It, Merav Betito!

B"H - Peace comes because G-d gives it to you for Torah compliance! No Torah compliance? No peace! This is the situation we are in right now.

- This is talkback # 20 on Don’t stand in way of peace
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That Menorah On The Wall

B"H - I wonder what that Menorah on the wall thinks of all these anti-Jewish, anti-Torah rulings these fake "judges" make in the name of and for the State

- This is talkback # 1 on Court rejects bereaved families' request to postpone prisoners' release
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Ariel ben Yochanan said...
B"H - I hope your "hagada" will be a flop, that people will not buy into your militant, anti-Jewish, Zionist propaganda. I don't even dare to imagine Jews sitting around their holy Seder tables reading your Dry Bones, desecrating the whole effort and with it, the name of Hashem, our G-d! Once I'm at it, let me say that your long suffering wife would bring great shame on you with her uncovered hair and immodest dressing, if you could be shamed. For your info, "shameless" is a halachic category.
4:49 PM
Anonymous Anonymous said...
5:05 PM
Anonymous Andras Bereny a.k.a. Ariel ben Yochanan said...
B"H - This post tells a lot about YOU and your Zionist extremism, Anonymous 5:05
5:40 PM
- This was removed from under the Plain Brown Box
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Let's Say NO To Zionist Propaganda At Our Seder Tables!

B"H - I hope your "hagada" will be a flop, that people will not buy into your militant, anti-Jewish, Zionist propaganda. I don't even dare to imagine Jews sitting around their holy Seder tables reading your Dry Bones, desecrating the whole effort and with it, the name of Hashem, our G-d! Once I'm at it, let me say that your long suffering wife would bring great shame on you with her uncovered hair and immodest dressing, if you could be shamed. For your info, "shameless" is a halachic category.

- This is a regularly removed comment on the Plain Brown Box Sometimes I post it back, then it gets removed again. 
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Ynet, Stop Being Ridiculous!

B"H - What on earth you mean by "northern West Bank"? "West Bank" is a Jordanian occupation term, ended 46 (fourtysix) years ago! You don't acknowledge the liberation of Judea and Samaria? Fair enough, then call the Land Cisjordan, like some of the European press does. I wonder what will you write comes election day? "The West Bank council renewed its members as follows.."? Duh, talking about leftist, anti-Jewish propaganda!

- This is a talkback on 9 people mildly injured by stone throwing
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Shavua tov!

B"H - I read a very good little booklet over Shabbat and it can be consulted online too. Here is the address: http://www.israelversusjudaism.org/torah-judaism/

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Latest Kirschen Pork And My Reaction To It

Yaakov Kirschen said...
From now on all of Ariel's comments and responses to him will be erased without leaving any notice that they had existed and had been "removed."

7:32 AM
Blogger Ariel ben Yochanan said...
B"H - Ladies and Gentlemen, here is the Zionists' famous "only democracy in the Middle East" in action for all of you to see, as interpreted by Mr. Yaakov Kirschen, the militant Zionist: Not only he erases my Torah-based comments, from now on, according to his own admission, he is going to erase even the traces of his erasing. In media terms this is equivalent to practicing Stalinism: "Not only I silence you, my adversory, I destroy you completely!" I can't say I'm surprised, I always maintained that Zionism has nothing to do with Judaism and in fact no Jew would treat another Jew in the manner Bones treats me. In the Internet age of course all this censoring is completely useless as information freely circulates on the web.
10:58 AM
- This is a comment on "No Nukes"
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Yaakov Kirschen's Only Democracy In The Middle East. Ha!

At 11:53 PM, Blogger Ariel ben Yochanan said...
B"H - You should add Stalinism to your tags Bones! Look at your comments lineup, how it looks! Like the field of Waterloo, full of dead bodies. Big shame on you, Yaakov Kirschen!
At 12:58 AM, Blogger Ariel ben Yochanan said...
B"H - May your opinion never get the special treat you reserve for others'.
- These are two of my last comments on No Nukes May he never get the Stalinist treatment he reserves for his readers!
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On Voting 2

B"H - "Low turnouts were apparent across the country with 35.97% of those eligible to vote casting ballots in Jerusalem – while in Tel Aviv more than two thirds of residents failed to cast votes, as the city recorded a turnout of 32%".
- Comment: Nowhere in the Torah it is written "vote yourselves a local council" and thank G-d more and more Jews understand this basic principle in Judaism: Democracy is Hellenistic. Judaism is Hashemcracy!

- This is talkback # 4 on Saar: 'State Must Find Ways to Increase Election Participation'
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On Homosexuality

At 7:24 AM, Blogger Ariel ben Yochanan said...
B"H - In Judaism it is Hashem, our G-d Who protects us. In Zionism it is the State and so, as this particular cartoon clearly demonstrates, the show called Dry Bones, most of the time, is nothing more than Zionist propaganda to the expense of Judaism: It is not the strength of the State that gives us life, it is Hashem, our G-d! The proper entity to thank and to pray to is our G-d, not the Zionist replacement State. That's not all, there is more: The very reason Hashem gives us our enemies is because "we" praise the Zionist State, instead of Him. Idol worshiping cartoons like this, and the attitudes it represents, is the very reason for our demise.
At 12:47 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

At 1:26 PM, Blogger Ariel ben Yochanan said...
B"H - First off Anonymous 12:47, you'd have no way of knowing this unless I sucked your dick and second, your beloved State sends its mounted police and thousands of its agents to protect the gay marchers on Jerusalem and other holy of my cities. So, you seem to be mistaken your adversary here. If you are against homosexuality, you should be giving your support to me, not to the Zionist State, which is for it.
- This is a partial screenshot of No Nukes comments.
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Anti-Secularist Thought Of The Day (Not So New)

B"H - In Judaism Peace Is A Divine Retribution For Compliance With Torah! Zionism thinks only in terms of the strength of their State-god.

- This is a comment on "No Nukes" and will no doubt be deleted as soon as found by militant secularist, Yaakov Kirschen.
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On The Show Called Dry Bones

B"H - In Judaism it is Hashem, our G-d Who protects us. In Zionism it is the State and so, as this particular cartoon clearly demonstrates, the show called Dry Bones, most of the time, is nothing more than Zionist propaganda to the expense of Judaism: It is not the strength of the State that gives us life, it is Hashem, our G-d! The proper entity to thank and to pray to is our G-d, not the Zionist replacement State. That's not all, there is more: The very reason Hashem gives us our enemies is because "we" praise the Zionist State, instead of Him. Idol worshiping cartoons like this, and the attitudes it represents, is the very reason for our demise.

- This is a comment on "No Nukes" and will no doubt be deleted. 
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On Voting

B"H - It's perfectly unbelievable to me that even smart Jews like yourself - vote. Where does it say "go and vote yourselves a local council"? As Torah occupies itself with the institutional setup on the Land, it is inconceivable that so many Jews regularly go against those mitzvot and follow the goyshe model of part-y politics!

- This is a fb comment on someone's voting in Israel's municipal elections
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On "Jewish" Secularism

B"H - That's not exactly the case Bones. The fact of the matter is that Jews lived in peace with the Arabs for centuries until the Zionist idol worshipers came along and substituted G-d with the State of Israel and with what they so cleverly call "the renaissance of the Jewish people". If we continued to rely on Hashem, on our G-d, for our safety, as Judaism prescribes, we would a) have peace and b) we wouldn't need the nukes you're so affectionate about: Israel is NOT like the other nations, that in order to be strong need to be physically strong: We are strong only in G-d and history itself is the proof of this fact. So, you see how and why the root cause of our troubles are precisely the people like you, the kofrim, the wicked, who refute Torah and thus bring the wrath of G-d on our heads, on the Jews who live here, on the Land? Have you not noticed that this State didn't have a day of peace, no matter how "strong" it imagines itself to be? Maybe, just maybe, it's time to replace your dangerous godless innovation, Jewish secularism, that needs to be propped up with your beloved nukes, with the good old? I know, your ignorant answer is no, and this arrogance will lead us to WWIII: It's just a matter of time now.

- This is comment # 2 on "No Nukes"
as I post this, but will be taken down as soon as found: Mr. Yaakov Kirschen doesn't like opinions other than his.
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If One Doesn't Want To Be Jewish, S/he Doesn't Have To Be

B"H - The problem is not that "they cast shadow over course's atmosphere", stupid Nativ official, but that they have evidently no intention whatsoever of keeping mitzvot and leading a Torah life. The course's content is flaw anyway, so they don't loose much: The IDF is no place to convert to Judaism.

- This is a talkback on 2 soldiers expelled from conversion course because of hug

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This Is Crazy!..

B"H - .. and it's getting worse and worse as time goes by.

- This is talkback # 3 on IDF Boasts First Bedouin Tank Commander
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On Israeli Municipal Elections

B"H - As expected, I disagree: We did vote for Hashem for all generations under the Mount in Sinai; This is what makes us Jews. In my view only those who were not there or don't remember their vote can re-vote now for humans or maybe even worse, for part-ies. By doing so it seems to me they participate in the big fraud, in the grand and evil scheme of dividing the nation according to opinion, called democracy, which is prohibited to us. Sometimes people say that this maybe true for knesset, (for political elections) but municipal (administrative) elections are OK. Again, I disagree. Municipal bodies are also assemblies, little knessets of and for the little territories they set out to control and once seated they do politics all the same, this time beyond their mandates. Case in example is the Shomron council, that instead of say providing sewage maintenance, sends "ambassadors" to Washington and brings in xtians and the "Black Pope" just to mention a few of their misdeeds. Besides, nowhere in Torah it says "elect yourselves a local council" and this is no accident. Torah prescribes a different institutional structure, for towns and villages it requires us to establish just courts with a varying number of judges, according to population figures. So, who are we to say, no, you're wrong Torah? We know it better? As you see it all boils down to knowingly or ignorantly rebelling against Hashem, something that the Zionists, secular AND religious, do willingly and ever so professionally.

- This is a thought on Daas Torah - Black and White?
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Latest Episode Of The Pogroms Enacted By The State Of Israel Against Its Jews

B"H - http://www.hakolhayehudi.co.il/?p=76615

- This is a comment on Merkel meets Abbas; urges Israel to curb WB construction
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Rav Richter Shiur Kfar Tapuach **Special Commentary on Missionaries in Samaria** Heshvan 13 5774


B”H – My take Rav. Richter, is that comparing the error of the evil people doing the evil deed of bringing xtians into our ancient homeland against Torah to the errors of Adam and Noah, is far too flattering for them: They are by no means at their level and in their category and the noble intentions you attribute to them are not indicated let alone proved. They seem more like idol worshipers to me, replacing Hashem’s sovereignty with that of the Jews or, as Rav. Kook father puts it, with the “renaissance of the Jewish People” in Shemonah Kevatzim, Kovetz 1, #32: “The primary poison contained in belief systems which deviate from the Torah, such as Christianity and Islam, is not in their concepts of God, even though they differ from what is correct according to the fundamental light of the Torah. Rather, [the poison] is in what results from them –abrogating the practical mitzvot and extinguishing the [Jewish] nation’s hope regarding its complete renaissance”.

This clearly is a replacement theology, the putting the cart in front of the horse, the "renaissance of the Jewish people" in front of Hashem's Sovereignty: religious Zionism is as bankrupt as secular Zionism is. High time for a Torah state.

 See also the article On Mr. Eliezer Melamed and on Rav. Kook 

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Better To Be Buddhists than Yaakov Kirschen-ists

B"H - Yours may be the hagada for 2014 (xtian date), for 5774 (Jewish date) I keep mine, thank you very much! If the assimilation you sell is "Jewish continuity", than indeed it's better to be Buddhists: At least there are some Jewish values in there.

- This is comment # 1 on "the Haggadah for 2014" as I post this, but it will be taken down as usual as soon as found: Dry Bones can't take opinions other than his own worthless Western modernism.
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13 Dead, 50 Missing As Typhoon Lashes Tokyo Area

B"H - Thank you Hashem for punishing these goyim instead of us for our many and terrible sins and may Your holy Name be blessed and exalted instead of being trampled and spat upon as a daily standard practice between poor men with no or distorted knowledge of You!

- This is a comment on 13 dead, 50 missing as typhoon lashes Tokyo area
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IDF Is A Joke

B"H - I was arrested and fingerprinted in the Shomron for demonstrating against Arabs being bought into my yishuv to work not long ago by an IDF jeep like the one on the video, operated by two Arabs.

- This is talkback # 12 on Video: Palestinians throw stones, soldiers leave
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Series Of Documentaries: Mr. J. Was Invented

- This is a link to a series of YouTube videos that proove that Mr. J. and xtianity were invented by the Romans for political purposes after the Jewish War.

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Let's Face It

B"H - Let's face it, it was an exceptionally good idea to give them Gaza. Those who plan to give them Yehuda and Shomron should take note. Will they? No, they won't. We must start to ask ourselves Why not?

- This is talkback # 1 on Israelis in Gaza vicinity: We're still in the line of fire
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Mr. Shuldig's Kipa

B"H - What's next? Mr. Shuldig will put on his kipa in ..46 days exactly. Then, he will keep it on for a few days, then, for much of Bones joy, he will take it off again: What a character! Very reliable in his unreliability.

- This is comment # 1 on New Alliance? right now, but will be taken off when found: Mr. Bones doesn't like me and my comments.
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On Lech Lecha: The Fundemental, What Shall We Call It? Misunderstanding of Zionism?

B"H - Much as I love this piece, it carries the fundamental Zionist, shall we call it misunderstanding? Of replacing Hashem with ourselves and with what Rav. Kook calls the Jewish renaissance. The divine design does not give the Jews sovereign status, it is in fact reserved to Hashem, and wanting it or proclaiming it is borderline blasphemous: At best we can hope to be faithful managers of Hashem's holy Land and even this is conditional, if we follow His Instructions. The unique and breathtaking innovation of Abraham's religion is precisely this, that it attributes sovereignty to G-d, to a non-human, non-material and non-materialistic entity. This also is my take on this week's parsha, Lech-Lecha.

 - This is a comment on Verdi and the Temple Mount
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Another Setback For Amb. Ron Prosor

B"H - Under this man's watch the PA became a UN state. Now Iran gets top disarmament position. This UN Ambassador evidently is incapable and should be recalled immediately before causing further damage and replaced with a Jewish looking, Jewish thinking Ambassador, who is capable to represent Israel as a Jewish nation with a Jewish set of values.

- This is talkback # 20 on Israel condemns Iran's selection to UN arms post
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Power Brokerages Alarmed? They Should Be!

B"H - The fact that Peres is one of his admirers should raise eyebrows. Nevertheless, the numbers were absolutely staggering and I'm sure alarms were sounding loud in the HQs of secular power-brokerages. After all, these "850.000" [1/6th of the population] were the politically defranchised on show yesterday (earlier today).

- This is talkback # 42 on Rabbi Ovadia Yosef laid to rest
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A famous liar passed away. Celebrate Israel! The world just became a better place.

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Dep. Min. Ben-Dahan: Get Used to Israeli Sovereignty

B"H - We are used to it, to Israeli sovereignty, thank-you-very-much, with bulldozed down shuls, Jewish housing and destroyed businesses, arrested, tortured and displaced Jews for doing the State's job of protecting other Jews or themselves. When you will realize that Israel is not a Jewish State and pretend and fight for one, then we'll stand a chance. Until then, it's just empty, meaningless, even counter-productive political activism, that of course can lead nowhere. Why? Because trying to reform the State from the inside is proved to be impracticable and for an obvious reason: It doesn't engage Hashem by our side. Only Torah compatible action on the Land is relevant for Him and left-right division is just that, a prohibited division of the nation.

- This is a censored talkback on Dep. Min. Ben-Dahan: Get Used to Israeli Sovereignty
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If The State..

B"H - If the State was Jewish and the IDF was a Jewish army and if they did what they were supposed to do, that is to protect the Jews, as opposed to the "citizens of the State", than this would not have happened.

 - This is talkback # 26 on 'Vengeful' teenage yeshiva students suspected of J'lem hate crimes
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Re # 1 On Shine-through

B"H - Evidently Jo, if these people want to be Jews they'll have to go through full ("orthodox") conversions. However, there is a rather mysterious thing, called Shine-through, that allows, even makes people to connect to their ancient Jewish heritage: Fascinating!

- This is talkback # 4 on When in Rome, do as Jews do
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You Are At It Again!

B"H - Every year, at this time of the year, false accusations reach the press of Jews damaging olive trees. Every time it's a lie and it's getting boring. Our Holy Torah specifically forbids damaging the enemy's fruit-bearing trees in Parshat Shoftim, Dvarim (Deut) 20:19: "When you besiege a city.. to wage war.. do not destroy its trees by swinging an axe against them, for from it you will eat, and you shall not cut it". In conclusion, no G-d fearing Jew would ever touch an olive tree as insinuated and AP should assume responsibility for its editorial policy that allows these lies to pass, even if with the legally liberating formula of "A Palestinian farmer said..".

- This is talkback # 7 on Palestinians say settlers destroyed olive trees
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On The Bankruptcy of Religious Zionism: Parsha Noah

B"H - We can associate Parsha Noah with the giving of the Seven Noahide Laws to mankind, enabling non Jews to be righteous and have a share in the World to Come. Rearranging the order of the words of this phrase we can say with confidence that it is precisely the acceptance and observance of these laws that renders a gentile (a non Jew) righteous and not any other act, like the performance of other mitzvot, the saving of Jews during the Second World War, etc. Why do I mention this? Is saving Jews not a righteous behavior? The answer is of course yes, it is, but the name "righteous gentile" in Judaism is already reserved as it were to those who accept determined mitzvot of Hashem upon themselves. By usurping the same term, Zionism intends to achieve two goals: a) To say that really it is Judaism and b) that it can replace the good of Hashem with the good of entities other than Hashem, like the people, the Land, the State, etc. Clearly, both of them are false! Indeed if our G-d wanted to be good to the people, He would not have sent the flood in the first place. It is important in our time, marked largely by deception and Westernization of Judaism, not to let ourselves be confused: Worshiping Hashem is good, desirable and Jewish, worshiping any other replacement entity is very bad. This is why the Zionist State of Israel should stop denominating its humanitarian recognition to those who saved Jews "Righteous Gentile" certificate, changing the name to anything not reserved, like "Courageous Gentile", for example and this is why Mr. Melamed should stop his attempt to pass xtian idol worshippers "righteous gentiles" just because they say they love us: In order to qualify to be righteous gentiles, they'd have to love Hashem, not us! As they pray to yeshu, evidently they hate Hashem and as a consequence of this we want them out from the Land, not being bought in by the hundreds to undercut our Jewish workers on our local Job market and to damage our economy in the tune of milions only in lost wages! Allowing these xtian "volunteers" in is the most visible sign, only the tip of the iceberg called "The Bankruptcy of Religious Zionism".

- This is a comment on Parashat Noach: Safe in the Land of Israel
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Defenseless Jews In Urgent Need Of State

B"H - Eight years after disengagement Netanyahu or someone for him turns the knife in our ever so painful wound and greenlights Arab settlement of Homes! A divine punishment for bringing in xtians on the Land? Worse to come? A disheartening, evil act that proves once again that the State is anything but Jewish. Jews need to think up a valid protection and quick!

- This is talkback # 21 on Arabs to be Allowed to Settle Former Jewish Community of Homesh
and # 10 on Palestinians return to land of Homesh after 35 years
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What Do You Think, Bones?

B"H - I'm interested in your opinion Bones: When the Iranians will have the bomb, where do you think they'll drop it? On Ramat Gan where you stay or on the Shomron where I am? And of course if yes, why?

- This is comment # 3 currently on "He and She", but will be taken down as soon as discovered: Yaakov Kirschen doesn't like to be contradicted by a non-Zionist.
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Please G-d, Save Us From The Ha'Ivris' Likes!

B"H - David Ha'Ivri, I see that you or someone for you deleted my previous comment on this article. So, I am forced to re-write it anew and make sure I save a copy of it this time on my blog, www.thetorahrevolution.blo
gspot.com. Censoring opinions one doesn't agree with David, is an ugly habit. As I grew up in a communist country I know from first hand experience how the ruling party there had this very same habit. We defeated their censorship by circulating hand-written and typed pages, called samizdat, because even the xerox machines were kept in locked cabinets. As you know from history, their censorship didn't help them much and the Berlin wall was torn down between 1989 and 1990: Your habitual censorship of comments you don't agree with, in the Internet age is simply ridiculous and of course it will not help you either, it just shows to everyone what kind of a - mentality you have.

Now, back to my original comment that you deleted. I was kinda' playing with the words of the title of this article, with "what would I like", basically saying that nobody cares what would you like as it seems that your likes are in an inverse relationship with what Hashem, our G-d, wants from us here, namely to populate His Land with Jews, serving Him and not other replacement entities like the Jews, the Land, the State. Now, why would anyone say such a horrible thing on your account people may ask? So let's answer them by saying that you spent much if not all your time of the last decade or so on working with xtians, helping them putting a foot-hold in the Shomron. This stressed almost all of us out, we don't want them here, we don't like your likes, please tell them to go home.

The foreign slave xtian laborers are undercutting our job market and cause a damage to our economy to the tune of millions only in lost wages to Jews. 300 xtian "volunteers" bought in? 300 jobs lost to Jews! Add to this the inducted, the loss to our local businesses by local spending and we quickly rich the ten million mark per grape-harvesting season. So, we are tired of your likes David. We don't care what you would say instead of what Netanyahu will say. We don't even care what Netanyahu will say, because we don't care about what the nations think or say: What matters is what the Creator thinks and I bet He's pretty upset about what you, Melamed, Mesika and some others are doing to us and to the Shomron. We are put here to be Jews on the Land, not to bring xtians on it!

Ideologically? The bringing in of the xtians, your opus magnum, your great achievement, is the visible tip of the iceberg called Bankruptcy of Religious Zionism! Please G-d, save us from the Ha'Ivris' likes!

- This is a comment on Ha'Ivri's The Speech I Would Like to Hear as Binyamin Netanyahu Addresses the United Nations General Assembly
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These "Righteous Gentiles" Aren't Judaism's Righteous Gentiles

B"H - In Judaism for gentiles there is only one way to be righteous and that is by accepting Hashem's seven universal Noahide laws upon themselves. The secular righteous gentile certificate the State of Israel issues through its Yad Vashem institute from time to time is only a worthless piece of Zionist propaganda paper: Usurping the Biblical righteous gentile title for their own political purposes outside of and against the original Torah concept is a despicable attempt  of these arrogants to deceive and to say that Zionism is Judaism: It is not!

- This is talkback # 5 on Egyptian physician named first Arab righteous gentile
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Zionism: A New Religion?

B"H - Here bellow there is a Women in Green text showing the signs of a minut, a new (prohibited) religion, in this case the Zionist replacement of Hashem with other entities like the Land of Israel: Meditate people, meditate! The change in the "May you be comforted in the building of Israel" phrase is particularly telling.

> Date: Mon, 30 Sep 2013 10:43:20 +0200
> Subject: Leah De Lange, z"l
> From: wfit2@womeningreen.org
> To: wfit2@womeningreen.org
> --------------------------------------------------------------------------
> It is with deep sorrow that we announce the passing of our friend Leah
> De Lange. Leah passed away today after a long illness.
> We will remember Leah as a Zionist, a Lover of the Land and an
> indefatigable fighter for Eretz Israel.
> Our condolences to the family - "May you be comforted in the building of Israel"
> The Levaya will take place today,� Monday 26 Tishrei - 30/09/13
> Leaving the Kehilat Yerushalayim funeral home in Har Hamenuchot at 16:30
> Yehudit Katsover and Nadia Matar
> http://www.womeningreen.org

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The Righteous Gentiles Conspiracy

B"H - In Judaism for gentiles there is only one way to become  righteous and that is by accepting Hashem's seven universal Noahide laws upon themselves. The secular righteous gentile certificate the State of Israel's Yad Vashem institute issues from time to time is only a meaningless piece of Zionist propaganda paper, especially when given to a "devout Catholic" and post mortem. Usurping the righteous gentile title for their own political purposes outside of and against the original Torah concept is a despicable attempt  to deceive and to say that Zionism is Judaism: It is not!

- This is a censored talkback on Gino Bartali named righteous gentile
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Some Har Bracha People vs The Jewish People

B"H - Where do you get this from? We are not supposed to greet them with kindness at all. The Rambam in fact tells us to leave them in the pit. Anyway, no need to reply, we went through this before Yonaton. Melamed has a minority view on this and he is putting himself outside of Judaism and drives his community astray: Jews go by halacha, not by Melamed or misinterpreted prophecy. There is a letter of Rav. Tzuriel on this here and a shiur on Rav Kook and the xtians here and here: Religious Zionism is as bankrupt as Labor Zionism is and, OK I rephrase it, your allowing them in is a clear sign of this. Your "With Love of Israel and Torah" signature is a lie, you work for the destruction of the Jews by partnering with minut. I fear your provocative and highly divisive activities will lead to bloodshed, we have seen it before in this country, and that will be terrible to xtians AND to Jews alike: We'll be back to the blood-libels and your filo-Semite looking friends will quickly show their real anti-Semitic face: How can you believe they love us if they hate Hashem by praying to their dead-man god idol? And, WHY do you believe them? And even if they loved us, what does it matter if they hate Hashem, our G-d? Did you know that by siding with goyim against even one Jew, you put your status in doubt? Besides, you are damaging our economy to the tune of millions in lost wages by letting them undercut our local, Jewish jobs market: Doesn't seem to me such a bright idea. In conclusion I think your rabbi is pushing the issue too far and I fear terrible consequences and I'm far from being alone in this. I wouldn't be surprised if Hashem decided to throw us out from here because of the desecration of His Name you do there, in Bracha. Is that what you want? It certainly looks like it! I will blog this text and your previous message under the title Some Har Bracha People vs The Jewish People.

Date: Sun, 29 Sep 2013 03:43:58 -0700
From: yonaton behar
Subject: Re: Shalom from Har Bracha!
To: ariel ben yochanan

we don't bring them, they come by themselves. we greet them with kindness and hospitality, like Jews are supposed to.
With Love of Israel and Torah,
Yonaton Behar
Har Bracha
D.N. Lev HaShomron
Israel  44835
Web-site: www.yhb.org.il/1
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Religious Zionism Is On The Line

B"H - There is no clearer evidence of the bankruptcy of Religious Zionism than your bringing in xtian "volunteers" from hutz laretz. Besides, one doesn't understand why the damaging of our local economy to the tune of millions in lost wages alone to our own people is considered such an excellent idea? How's about ingathering Jews or Noahides at least? Hm?

- This is talkback # 9 on HaIvri's Appreciation for the supporters of Israel
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A Convincing Answer Is Needed

B"H - Apart of the halachic issue of letting non-Jews to worship their dead-man-god idol on our fields and in our villages, I wonder why their stealing our badly needed jobs is considered "help". They undercut our Jewish labor market and make us loose tens of millions only in wages. Maybe Shomron governor Mesika and RZ (Religious Zionist) ideologue Melamed should give a convincing answer to our unemployed.

- This is talkback # 7 on Christians from HaYovel Assist Harvest Effort in Samaria
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Where Is Mr. Shuldig's Kipa?

B"H - Oops, my comments gone! Bones, where is Mr. Shuldig's kipa? Where does he keep it? Under the hanukia? Once we are at it, does he put tfilin? Only on Shabat? I see. Interesting. But he thinks the State of Israel is part of the redemption, right? No, just asking. Shabat shalom to you too Irv. Bones, good weekend!

- As I post this is comment # 4 on Guessing Game but will presumably be taken down and spat on, as Mr. Yaakov Kirschen likes positive (and preferably secularist) comments.
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On Mr. Eliezer Melamed and on Rav. Kook

B”H - For years I'm telling to my friends "let's learn Rav. Kook!", the father of Religious Zionism, to understand why most religious Zionists distort Torah and worship replacement entities like the Land, the Jew, the State. The answer to this question came unexpectedly a few days ago from a most unlikely source, from Mr. Eliezer Melamed himself.

In his “The EnvelopingLight of the Sukkah” he quotes another crook, Rav. Kook (pun intended): “The primary poison contained in belief systems which deviate from the Torah, such as Christianity and Islam, is not in their concepts of God, even though they differ from what is correct according to the fundamental light of the Torah. Rather, [the poison] is in what results from them –abrogating the practical mitzvot and extinguishing the [Jewish] nation’s hope regarding its complete renaissance” (Shemonah Kevatzim, Kovetz 1, #32)".

Complicated as the language may be, this is a clear example of how the great master of RZ (Religious Zionism) replaces the worship of Hashem with that of the Jewish nation in general and with his pet project, with “the renaissance of the Jewish nation” in particular.

Desirable as it is, this project cannot be elevated over the worship of Hashem, replacing it: If one does this, he puts himself right outside of Judaism, which is exactly what happenes to Kook and to many of his students and followers, like the Religious Zionist Mr. Melamed. He will have to see his Creator for leading his community astray.

There is no greater symbol and better proof of the bankruptcy of Religious Zionism than their bringing in xtian "volunteers" to the Shomron.

- This is a comment on Judaism: The Enveloping Light of the Sukkah
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B"H - If MK Feiglin wants himself to be sitting in the prime minister's suka next year, I want a Cohen Gadol running the show in the Temple, on the Temple Mount in Jerusalem, together with the whole and complete set of our Jewish, Torah institutions. Tapping in to the Zionists' phony institutions they established on the Land against Torah, like kneset, supreme so called court, prime minister's office, etc., is leading us to disaster, precisely because it shows Hashem that we are not with Him

- This is talkback # 14 on MK Feiglin: Catastrophe is On the Way
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B"H - Israeli Police (In Black Uniform) Confiscates Lulav From Jew On Temple Mount, Jerusalem

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Ex Xtian Guest Author On "Volunteers" Being Bought In To The Shomron

B"H - With reference to the mass xtian assault on Judea & Samaria, here is an open letter from a TRUE friend of the Jews, who unlike the Wallers, is not a xtian any more: In fact (and per definition), one cannot be a friend of the Jews while he is a hater of Hashem, our One and Only G-d, praying to a dead man-god.

Dear Ariel,

I always try to be somewhat moderate in my dealings with xtians. Perhaps the fact of being born into that religion and having lived it as the unique and irreplaceable solution of a life of faith for many years - and for my love of Torah, I am sensitive to the call of those non-Jews who demonstrate a hesitation in their belief in yeshu or have a desire to know more about Judaism, but not yet know how to express themselves: They often err and act in a way that is offensive to the Jews. This puts me in a position of a certain dialogue with them, which I live with a sense of unease. More and more I focus on the Noahide option with them, rather than press for full conversion.

I am fascinated by the rabbinic literature on the Tanach and surprised to read so many “new” things on stories and episodes I knew from my completely and deliberately misrepresented xtian sources and texts. I experience a certain sense of liberation that comes from acquiring of the Truth. I have come to a total turning point in my faith and with my relationship with G-d. The love of Torah, the love of the Truth, has led me to where I am today. I entered into this Gad Eden as it were for the soul (if I may say so) and I am amazed and baffled when I see a Jew leave his birthright, the truth of the Torah, for a bowl of red lentl soup.

Some people engage in what they call “inter-religious dialogue” between the two religions, but I just do not see it that way. The xtians say they have roots in Judaism, but it is not true. In truth they have no roots, so they take the Hebrew Scriptures and use them for their own purposes, to build up their own new religion, which otherwise would not have had a basis: Xtianism and Judaism are two different and separate tracks that never meet! Moreover, even if their aim is to identify among the monotheistic religions, with their trinitarism and worshiping of a dead man, theirs is in fact an intrinsically idolatrous system, no matter what they say. How can a Jew, any Jew, move so far away from Torah not to see this? To fall into this trap?

I think the core problem is in the superficial education of the average Jew, in which he learns to follow his rabbi without ever questioning him. They are taught to read and pray without understanding the complexities: So, they grow into being satisfied with their compromised identity.

When I discovered kashrus, for example, I had a big breakthrough. The kashrus makes you be careful, you have to think twice about what to eat, know what not to eat. After a while you loose the randomness of your actions and intentions and always stay focused on what you do. You learn that every action has a consequence and this becomes a good exercise for everyday life, you learn to do what is pleasing to HaShem and what is not. I believe that losing the observance of kashrus opens the door to risks of contamination, one more readily can "mix" concepts, "associate" thoughts that have no natural link between themselves and to push forbidden arguments that lead directly to sinning.

Another and very serious problem of course is not knowing the opponent's tactics, not distinguishing between friends and enemies, in a mistaken idea of openness to all. Giving everyone a place in our lives, becoming curious and attentive to their way of thinking clearly is a huge mistake one can make and this too can lead dangerously close to deviation: Cancelling, making it unnecessary to heed the Masters leads to disobedience.

Xtianity presents the Jew with the guarantee of "eternal salvation" based on the recognition of yeshu and of what he has done. They hook people by saying to them that "all have sinned and come short of the glory of G-d". They say that it is through faith in what yeshu did 2000 years ago one can have his sins forgiven and be  assured of eternal life. I'm shocked that any Jew can allow for such worship on G-d’s Holy Land. It means to undo everything Judaism is about.

Xtianity is a fierce and bloody religion. They believe that there is a hell of flames and eternal fire, where all those who do not believe in yeshu will end up. (It gets even trickier because in my opinion he is not at all a certain figure. Historically one cannot say that someone existed by that name, nothing is known for sure about what he did, he never wrote anything, none of his disciples took notes during his lifetime and all that is written about him is a result of guess-work, word of mouth and copying various texts which surfaced about 40 years after his (hypothetical) death, apart from the lyrics of that Saul / Paul who has invented xtianity, basing himself on a vision of which he was the only witness).

Xtianity hinges on those Jews who doubt that their eternity is strictly in the hands of HaShem, who fear of failing to be faithful to Him in the observance of Torah and the mitzvot and prefer to live a compromised life. Xtianity of course is also easier: You simply have to believe what someone else has done for you, and through this act of credulity all your sins are forgiven, because that certain person was judged and killed in your place and paid the price for you, so you can live in peace. He understands you when you're wrong, what is important is that you ask forgiveness, and you are no longer required to fulfill all 613 mitzvot and rituals that your parents and your rabbi taught you, because of the "salvation". It also says to the Jew: “You can continue to observe your traditions, festivals and what matters to you, as a Jew” In fact you will be blessed twice: As a Jew and as a xtian!

For me, a person who came from this nonsense, it is utterly incomprehensible that some Jews may choose to put up with these xtians. I've done the opposite choice, choose the Torah way: As I mentioned earlier, it is the freedom to be dissolved in the river of Truth, instead of the way of believing in lies and deception.

Practically speaking, in all my adult life I have been in contact with Scripture. Since I was 20 I started to read it and study it. I read and studied and I thought there was nothing else out there. Everything was spinning in a cloud, the texts, the writings, and the people around me. I have always lived in Rome and I never entered the Jewish quarter there. I was taught that the Jews killed god and that now they had no more value. I lived with a wall in front of my eyes, with a fog that prevented me from seeing through.

But at a certain point that mist has dissolved. One day, I was looking for a biblical reference to a note for a book I was writing. I realized that the “Biblical fact” that I was taught and had been teaching to others, was in fact written in an epic novel in the 1400s ... a fairy tale, in short, that had no scriptural basis whatsoever. I wondered, if this is not true, what else is also not true in there? My interest in Jewish commentators started here and the more I studied them, the more I understood that my believe system was in fact a hoax, completely foreign to the Scripture.

Now, why the eldest son, the heir of the promises, the bearer of the light of the Torah, taken by an immediate urge to satisfy his "hunger", sells everything for what for sure amounts to be a bowl of red lentil soup?

When I moved to Judaism, when I told my many friends that I embraced the Jewish faith, I have not received words of encouragement, understanding and friendship. Rather I was judged, cursed and threatened to be taken for eternity in their medieval hell, because they knew full well that it was not possible to be both things at the same time, that the monotheistic Judaism is antithetical to xtian pluralism. The two things cannot be reconciled.

In conclusion, here is my message to you: My Jewish friends, please do not let you be fooled by xtians! They are idolaters, in ALL of their various denominations, in as much as they worship a dead man as god. There is no way around this. By choosing to tolerate these foreign ideas on Hashem’s Holy Land you throw away the precious truth of the Torah. How can you say the Shema?! Israel is the firstborn son, not the imaginary yeshu myth! HaShem is echad, One! Only He is omniscient, omnipotent, omnipresent and eternal, He is completely self-sufficient and does not need any help in His Kingship. Do not let yourselves be fooled! Look at what the xtians have done to you over the past 2000 years, the history of suffering that your ancestors had to endure at the hands of vicious popes and common xtians alike for the mere fact of being Jewish! Remember the hundreds of thousands if not millions of victims of torture, murders and deprivation at the hands of the xtians. Did they change? No, they did not change: They only changed their tactics! They only say “We love you” now to make you lower your defenses and allow them closer to you to take your Jewish souls. It would be ironic if you’d let them fool you now, in a time when you are stronger than them, when so many of you are already on the Promised Land! Don’t let yourselves be fooled now! You are the elected nation, chosen amongst all the peoples. You have chosen to receive the Torah, when other nations had rejected it. Remain firmly attached to HaShem and to His Torah without rewriting it! Do not let yourself be misled by a recall of sirens trying to get a grip on your weaknesses! HaShem, our G-d is our strength, not Obama, the EU and the nations! We must remain faithful to Him in the face of our enemies.

Shalom, my friend.

Andrea Viel

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