On Evangelicals

 - Of course I am aware of evangelical xtians, Anonymous 5:34! However, unlike the Zionists, I don't fall for their snaky, "we love you" rhetoric. I look at who they pray to? To Hashem? Nope. They pray to their man-god idol just like all xtians do. Now, you might want to ask yourself a simple little question: How can they love the Jews, as they claim, if they hate Hashem, our G-d? The answer is they cannot. That's where the catch is. They are as much idol worshippers as any xtian is and just because the Zionists replaced the love of Hashem with the love of the Jew, the Land, all created things, I am not prepared to accept their snaky evangelical bribes. There is only one way for a gentile to become righteous: By accepting Hashem and His Seven Noahide laws given for all humanity. Worshipping yeshu falls very short from this and it is idol worshipping and our jealous G-d hates it and so I hate it too. Please G-d, show us with a clear sign who is righteous and who is wicked and help us not to show gratitude to the wicked!

- This is a comment on Religious News Roundup

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