On Dry Bones Wishing Merry Xmas To His Xtian Friends

 - So you can't do any better than peres. Well, shame on you both! If you only knew how offensive you are to the Jewish People, you'd be ashamed. But you choose to surround yourself with hard-core secularists, so you think this is the norm. It isn't, thank G-d. You are the assimilist minority in Israel, destined to fade away as time goes by. Let's wish a good 11 Tevet to our Jewish brethren! "Christian friends"? Did you forget the millions of Jewish victims of the inquisitions and forced conversions of the past 2000 years? "Xtian friends" is an oxymoron. They're only worshipping their man-god idol, yeshu.

- This is a comment on Religious News Roundup

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