Mr. Prosor, Israel's UN Ambassador, Submit Your Resignation!

 - As a minimum Mr. Prosor, Israel's UN ambassador, should pack up his personal objects and belongings from his high UN office and announce his resignation. That the "palestinians", a fake nation, could sell their fake story to the world is an outrage and it also is his fault and he should assume his part of the responsibility for this disaster. We need Jewish thinking, Jewish looking ambassadors in the diplomatic service, people who can help the world understand who we are and what we, the Jews, are doing in this world, on this Land. The Prosors are a liability to this nation, not an asset, as portrayed by Ynetnews. Besides, the Prosor analysis in particular is faulty and therefore dangerous: If the fact that now the "palestinians" are viewed as a State does not change anything for him, it means that they, he and his elitist and secularist clique, are not prepared to hold them responsible for their attacks on Israelis, as if indeed they were a State. Continue to stick to Oslo at this point, even if only technically, is outright suicidal. We cannot afford the Prosors any longer, they screwed it up and many decades later, it’s time now to draw the consequences! Prosor, submit your resignation and return to private life. I’m sure you’ll have plenty to write about in your upcoming memoir to round up your privileged pension.

- This is talkback # 9 on Prosor: UN vote changed nothing for Palestinians

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