How Much More So?

 - If relying on America, on Europe, etc. takes away from our relying on Hashem, as indeed it does, how much more so the oath of allegiance to the civil command-structure of the IDF soldier of the kofer State takes away a.) from our oath of allegiance for all generations to Hashem, under the Mount in Sinai and b.) from our most basic daily declaration of allegiance to Hashem, from the Shma, in which we say that we love and serve Hashem, not the secular State or its IDF, with all of our hearts, with all of our souls and with all of our resources? As “all” means “everything”, how that total service of Hashem is maintained if we instead offer up everything we have, even our very lives, to the secular command-structure of the State? Isn't there something intrinsically wrong going on here? Hm? En masse idol worshipping?

- This is a censored comment on Levi Chazan's Parsha Vayeishev
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