On The Likud Primeries

 - Not impressed. As I said many times, I voted for Hashem at Sinai for all generations and I frankly don't see how so many Jews can fall for the deception of the part-ies. Why are our rabbis silent? Because they have to eat? They always ate. Were we not told not to let the nation be divided? So why do we let it happen? Because the goyim do it like this? Yeah, right, because the goyim do it like this. Besides, even according to their own un-Jewish, Hellenistic, democratic methods and principles, when was the last time we saw the electorate’s policy-choice showing up in government policy? No, there are too many pitfalls here. As Jews we should be united in pretending our own, Jewish, Torah institutions on the Land: The Temple on the Temple Mount in Jerusalem, the Sanhedrin, righteous courts in every village and an executive that leads the nation to Torah, according to Torah. Hashem is King, let us not forget Him now, when we made it back home after 2000 years of terrible exile! Let's separate ourselves from the falsity of these democratic part-ies. "Demos" means people and "cratos": power - in Greek. Since when are we supposed to follow the most as opposed to the best? Please Hashem, let us unite in Torah and not under these riff-raff erev-rav innovators who replace the love of Hashem with the love of the created!
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