On The Knesset Elections In Israel

- Yaaqov: Nevertheless, it looks Ben-Ari and Eldad's "Power To Israel" Party will be getting my vote, come this 11 Shvat (January 22, 2013)
- ABY: I'm not at you Yaaqov, just stating that this 11 Shvat (January 22, 2013) my vote will go to Hashem, exactly as it went to Him in the Sinai, for all generations. That is not to say that what Ben Ari says is not good, it is good. What is not good is to take the Jewish narrative and use it for knesset, which is a Hellenistic, non-Torah and anti-Torah institution on the Land. If these leaders, like the Feiglins and the Ben Aris used their support for our own Torah institutions, like the Temple, the Sanhedrin or the Malchut in general, I'd go behind them. As they use it for knesset, I don't, sorry.

- This is a comment on The Nice But Ineffective Likud Party List Of Candidates
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