Kiddus Hashem : Showing G-d We Are With Him

 - The compromise is not in the messages and in the tones [of the candidates for knesset]. The compromise is in the harvesting of all these authentic good Jewish energies and then siphoning them right back where they don't belong, to the center of the secular and secularist establishment, in knesset, which is not a Torah institution and for G-d's sake we shouldn't treat it as such. If we wanted to show The King that we are with Him, as we should be, that we take seriously our oath of allegiance with Him, that we remember our vote, for Him, that we gave under the Mount in Sinai for all generations, than we wouldn't vote for these clowns who run in political part-ies for knesset to legislate over us together with the Arabs. If we were Jews, we'd distinguish between good and evil and we would not offer up our collaboration to the kofrim. Voting for knesset is not the Jewish way and it is justifiable only by us being children - or goyim: Democracy is good for them only and we were warned against it in the golden calf episode. The Kahanes proved that the State cannot be reformed from the inside and we should learn from them.

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