Judaism Is Post-Political


 – I jumped some paragraphs because I'm uninvolved with part-y knesset politics, but if I was involved, I'd agree. So, let me remind people here that kneset is not a Torah institution and therefore in my extreme, unshared and isolated view it should not be subject of our (Jewish) attentions. Not only it is not a Torah institution, it is an outright anti-Torah body on the Land and as a consequence we should be treating it as such: No Jew should run for knesset and no Jew should vote for it either.

Isn’t it like going to Ahasuerus banquet?

This time let’s not forget that we voted for Hashem under the Mount in Sinai, for all generations. These Hellenists only want to divide us and pursue their own, individual ambitions. Besides, even according to their own rules they cheat and happily come together in coalition governments, after the elections are over: A fraud.

- This is a comment on With Apologies To Danny Hirschberg

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