Indecent American Jewish Community


 - It is rather unfortunate in my view to absolve people of their responsibility of having voted in, with 70% of the community’s voice, a president whose name is Hussein, who never visited Israel as president, who keeps Pollard captive, who is proactively for the ethnic cleansing of our people from the heartland of our forefathers, who is a declared friend of and bows in front of the sworn enemies of our Jewish brothers and sisters who live in G-d’s Land and precisely on the Land of Israel and I could continue much longer. We cannot afford to be noncritical and absolve ourselves for wrong-doings. American Jewish life for the most part evidently is not run according to Torah principles: Don’t stand idle by your brother’s blood! Rings a bell? The issue for American Jews in these elections was not the economy, the fiscal cliff or the personal so called likability of the president: American Jews should have voted for a pro-Israel president and the fact that they did not, raises serious questions about their very Jewishness! See: http://www.israelnationalnews.com/Articles/Article.aspx/12371#.UJy3aWef-So

- This is a censored comment on Who Won the Election?
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