To Nuru Nyambura Ngugi

B"H - Your man-god is an idol for us Jews and that makes you an idol-worshipper. You are commenting on my blog for your dirty missionary purposes, you want to steal my Jewish soul. This of course is a capital crime in Judaism and so you should be stoned for it. It is also to be mentioned that in the past 2000 years xtians murdered millions of Jews and that makes them the nazis of the past. You want to be associated with them? Fine. There is free choice. But don't you dare contacting me ever again: I'm not a man of "religious dialogue" and I hate those like you who hate G-d. You may think you do the right thing but in reality you are actually angering the One G-d with your stupid man-god and improbable trinity and you are bringing disaster on yourself. If your man-god idol came to me today, I'd hang him back onto his cross where he belongs and shoot him in the head, just to be on the safe side. That is by the way the exact same treatment you deserve in this world and eternal and intense suffering you will get in the next, G-d willing. May this answer scare the hell out of you, literally, so that you stop harassing Jews, G-d's true people, over the Internet with your xtian nonsense.
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