Just Another Step Towards World Government


 - If this author is one of Israel's Foreign Service's most prominent experts on European affairs, as stated, we are in huge trouble. In a few words, here is why: Think of the EU as a huge association of States. Not nations, States. It is governed by various bodies, the European institutions. Even if the European Parliament is elected by universal suffrage and with the method of proportional representation, as if it really mattered, it is a parliament only in name: It has no legislative powers. The legislative power in the Union is in the Council, made up of, attention, unelected nominees of the member States. What does it mean? It means that the governments of the member States, through the EU Council, are able to bypass their national parliaments and introduce legislation this way. It is estimated that more than 80% of the laws in Europe are now put into the caudexes this way, effectively zeroing out democracy, again, in the Old Continent. Let us remember that healthy democracies have three legs: Legislative, the national parliaments, Judiciary, the national supreme courts and Executive, the national governments. Through the EU these powers, that supposed to be kept separate from one another as checks and balances, are joined together and not for the first time in history. This institutional monster in fact has a name and it is called: Totalitarism. The idea of having legislative, judicial and executive powers in one, usually in the hands of a dictator. Today the EU is such an institutional structure and the Nobel Peace Prize given to it is just another step towards the establishment of the World Government of the New World Order which is good for "peace" only in as much as it eliminates the players. As Jews we should be particularly aware of the dangers just behind the corner.

- This is a cesored talkback on Peace prize for EU justified 
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